Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas is in the Air--Layout #7

I'm sharing another layout from 2012. I feel really bad for not being caught up on scrapbooking, but I love that I have photos to scrap right now that are related to the season! LoL!!
I was inspired to make this layout using a sketch from Pagemaps January 2010, I tried to copy but the page maps listed on the January 2010 post were actually from January 2011. So sorry I can't show you the sketch.

Pretty simple layout with lots of fabulous embellishments. I even added another branding strip down the side, can you tell which one it is?

The green tag had joy & delight on it but because I used a sticker with joy on the top cluster I covered the bottom joy up.
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas is in the Air--Layout #6

I've used papers that I pulled to add to the cardstock that I had left over from the initial stack of papers I pulled to make Christmas layouts. I even used a couple of leftover scraps from the CTMH Pear & Partridge paper that I made embellishments from.
I was inspired to make this layout using a sketch from Pagemaps January 2010, I tried to copy but the page maps listed on the January 2010 post were actually from January 2011. So sorry I can't show you the sketch.

Lots of rub-ons here from the Pear & Partridge got used on this layout.

The "Christmas is" is part of a branding strip that I cut down.
I added another leftover or two here, the birds on the tag is actually a cut down tag from a Christmas card from a few years ago and the "Christmas is a time for giving" is another branding strip from the Pear & Partridge papers.
The snowflake wood veneer is a new purchase from this year with a scrap piece of paper behind it.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is in the Air--Leftover and Next Papers

I should of taken a photo of the CTMH Pear & Partridge paper that I pulled this month to work with along with the stack of embellishments, but I didn't. Oh Well...
I did, however, take a photo of what was left of my CTMH Pear & Partridge scraps and leftover cardstock and exactly what I did with them.
I had 4 sheets of cardstock left and 4 branding strips left, all the pattern paper I cut down using several dies in my big shot. All of these embellishments I have added to my bin of goodies that I am working with this month.
Now what am I to do with those 4 sheets of cardstock? Add more pattern paper of course!
I had these papers, sticker sheet, punch out page and cut a parts in one bag in my Christmas stash. Initially I thought it was all Teresa Collins but once I pulled it out and looked I saw there are numerous manufacturers.
Teresa Collins--Christmas Cottage
Echo Park--Tis the Season
Studio Calico--Magical
Echo Park--Dots & Stripes
So don't forget to come back and check on my blog to see what I have created with all this beautiful paper!!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas is in the Air--Layout #5

This is the final layout from my 2012 CTMH Pear & Partridge paper kits, I had the scrapbooking and the card kits. I still have some leftovers, there are a couple of dimensional stickers, rub ons and paper scraps and a few sheets of cardstock, but I have plans for those so stay tuned.
I was inspired to create this layout using a sketch from Pagemaps February 2010. Since I only had scraps of paper left I used all of the larger pieces along with some washi tape and a branding strip to create the background. paper.
I embellished the upper right corner to balance the lower left corner.
There is actually a gold "Merry Christmas" sequin beside the stocking, it shows up well in person.
I used larger brads here to get them used up.
Finally found a use for these larger glittered embellishments, they have been in my stash for years.
Nope...I'm not done with Christmas layouts, I'm still in the mood to create them so I've pulled another partial pack of Christmas paper and stickers from my enormous Christmas stash! So stay tuned and check back for more!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

April 2014 CKC cards

Finally here are the final cards I made with the April 2014 CKC kit and since I don't have any Christmas cards to share today, I figured these would fit the bill!.

I finally used the cork paper that I had put into the kit along with tons of scraps from the kit.

I used CTMH inks and stamps for these cards.

More scraps on the inside.
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

April 2014 CKC--Just B Fabulous

Here's another throw back Sunday, I created this layout a long while ago and I am just now getting around to sharing it.

Here is the first layout I created with my April 2014 CKC kit.
For this layout I used Sketch #200 from the Creative Scrappers blog.

The title was originally a 12 inch long strip and I cut it down to finally be able to use it. I made it prolly 6-7 years ago at a scrapbook convention as a make and take. The butterflies were originally part of the title as well.
My friend Wendy make lots of foam clay embellishments and I was lucky enough to be given a whole bowl full of them. They are made from an air dry clay and are extremely light and a bit foamy feeling.

I love when I can journal directly onto the paper.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Art Journal

I'm not entirely sure what to do with an art journal but everyone that I watch on you tube seems to have one.
I must say that I am very left brain (logical, OCD, I like math ok), scrapbooking is my attempt to allow my right brain (creative, flighty, artsy/fartsy) to work...I think I do fairly well with that! But that being said, my scrapbooking allows for lots of left brain antics like balance and get where I'm going with this right!
The whole concept of an art journal is total right brain to me, I have no idea what or how to work with it but I am going to try. Here are my first attempts, nothing glamorous here....
I have been playing around with one I bought recently. Basically I painted and stamped the background and then glued lots of randomness down.

I also spray misted a couple of pages, not sure where to go with these next, but I'm sure I will try something random on them...or maybe I will just glue in more randomness!!
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas is in the Air--Layout #4

Here is layout #4 using the leftovers from a CTMH 2012 paper kit called Pear & Partridge. I am getting close to using it all up, this layout has the last full sheet of pattern paper on it, after this it's scraps.
My inspiration for this layout came from a Pagemaps sketch from December 2014, there's still some similarities but then it became something totally different I think.

I've used a bit more of the bling tape with what I think are holly berries and leaves here. I'm determined I will get at least one roll of this stuff used up! LoL!!

The "Merry Christmas" wood veneer is new this year. I bought it at Michaels just a couple of weeks ago.

The felt tree is new this year as well, my sister bought it as a set of 2 to use to decorate the front of her December daily album and I was lucky enough to get the other one.

And finally a whole mish/mash of leftover stickers and embellishments complete this layout.
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Christmas Is In The Air--Layout #3

I'm still in the Christmas mood this week so I have another Christmas layout to share. I am also still working through the CTMH Pear & Partridge paper pack that I pulled out to use up and I must say that I am nearly to the bottom of the stack of papers here. I will probably have some cardstock left over from it and if that is the case I think I will have to pull out another paper pack to keep going till it all gets used up!
I started with a Pagemaps sketch  from May 2009, of course I always start with a sketch...but I don't think the layout looks much like it now.
That large pink and red flower has been in my stash for years. I had a total of 3 that I just could not get used up and I have finally used all 3 this year...whoop whoop for me!!!
The mistletoe sprigs embellishment is one that I made this year while studying for a major exam. I was listening to lecture CD's and needed something to do with my hands. 
The dark brown embellishment in the upper left and lower right corners are felt embellishments from CTMH. The strip of paper down the right side is a branding strip from one of the CTMH papers.
I even used some gold washi tape on this layout. I love that I am using more and more older embellishments. Hopefully I will empty out the tray I have on my desk by the end of December this year!!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Is In The Air--Layout #2

Here's another layout from Christmas 2012. I think this one will compliment the one from yesterday quite well. This layout started with the leftovers from a pack of CTMH Pear & Partridge paper and embellishments that I had leftover from Christmas 2012. I had bought the workshop on the go scrapbooking kit and the card kit but never made any scrapbook layouts with it. I have used random bits and pieces from the paper and embellishments to make cards with though.

I used a Pagemaps from March 2014 to start this layout. I love sketches just in case you guys didn't know that! It's a great way to start building a layout. I don't usually stick to one exactly but on the rare occasion I will. Today, I did not! LoL!!

Of course I dove into the bin and stickers that were laying on my desk to embellish this layout. I have so many Christmas embellishments and I really need to concentrate on getting them used up. I think I did a fair job doing that on this layout.

All but a few of the embellishments on this layout are from other manufacturers besides CTMH. I'm not a CTMH snob...I just love their product but I also love lots of other manufacturers product as well!!

I actually made this little Christmas tree. A couple of months ago I spent a couple of days studying for a major test, during that time I was listening to lecture CD's and I needed something to do with my hands so I got out some Quickutz dies and Christmas paper and went to town making embellishments.
The only new thing on the layout from this year besides the home made embellishments are the gold reindeer. I bought a package of those at HL this year to add some gold shine to my layouts.
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