Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update on August

I really didn't have time to do much scrapping in August, as a matter of fact, I don't think I did any! LoL!! I had scheduled myself for lots of overtime so we would have money for Vegas in September and also have money stashed for my mom's roof repair. When the lightening struck the house, all that money went buy, buy (by, by...get it?). But there was Jason's wedding in August and I did manage to take some nice photos. Sorry in advance about the slanty ones, I've not figured this blogging thing out completely, I'm sure I will get better at it.


Misty & Jason with the minister
 (BTW, this is the minister who started her career with baptising Misty, how kewl is that!)

Sorry about the sideways slant...this is Mr & Mrs Jason Gulley and son Cameron

Baby Zoë being blessed

Laura & Sean Sena

Mrs Vick and Joshua

Someone grabbed the camera and go a shot of me while I was trying to cool off

Again another sideways slant!
That's Mr Gulley looking up at something...not sure what...LoL!
Misty & her dad Mr Vick

Sweet Shani and that's Misty's brother Daniel in the back.

Jason the married guy!

Mrs Vick read several passages from the bible during the ceremony

Here's the original OG--that's original old Gulley!
Of course this is our beloved Papaw!
Sorry about the slant!

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