Monday, October 31, 2011

Scrap Room Organization

     I think I've lost my mind!!! I've decided to take part in the Organize Your Stuff Challenge over at 2peasinabucket. It's Crisann's last time to host it (it's the 5th run since the original Wookiemouse posted this challenge back in 2009) and's time for me to get a handle on my space.

      I love my room, it's the brightest room in the house with the largest window. Mr Gulley put in a new floor that I just love, it's a laminate that is light in color and matches the oak counter top of my scrap desk and shelves. The room is painted a pale yellow with white trim, which I love. I'm toying with the idea of putting a french door on the room (I only close the door when Mr Gulley is watching a scary movie with the surround sound at full throttle in the other room).

      I share my room with the home office, which of course is my office since Mr Gulley prefers to use his laptop in front of his "ginormous" TV in the living room. I have a huge desk that I use to do school work when I am in school or pile up random scrapbook stuff on when I'm  not in school. Currently I am not taking any classes but I will be applying to graduate school in December so I may be back in school in January so I need to keep the large desk for now.

Week #1 space audit:
I must be crazy!! With the holidays approaching and having so much to do to get ready for them I have decided to do this challenge.

What works:
Paper sorted by color.
Embellishments sorted in color bins.
Stamps in drawer tower.
Kits kept together.
Travel supplies kept together.
Sticker storage.
Scrap storage.
Ribbons on the wall.
My ink pads are easily to see and pull.
My tools are fairly easy to access.

What doesn't work:
-That my paper is so tight I sometimes have trouble pulling out what I want.
-That some of my embellishments get bent and I don't have all of my embellishments in my bins.
-That I have stamps I don't use and they are taking up space.
-That my sticker folders don't support my sticker and they get bent.
-That I have a box full of ribbons wound up and a jar full of bits and pieces that aren't really organized.
-I don't always remember which punches I have and therefore I don't use them often enough.
*I have chipboard everywhere.
*I have storage units that aren't used in the best ways.
*I have project spread all over my room.
*My quickutz storage binder is too heavy and needs to be redone (I'm currently working on this one).
*Only 1 person can scrap at my desk.


Margie H said...

Great organizing tips esp. the what didn't work list! Saves me some time - thanks!!

Mary Jo said...

Sounds like a good challenge that I could use!
I have a great scrap space but really doesn't hold everything. So a lot of stuff is also in a closet that is just a mess right now.
That is what I need to organize before I can get to my scrap space :)
But I like the what works/what doesn't idea!

Jessica B - crafty_chic_girl said...

I sooo need to do that challenge. Just this weekend I think half my time I was looking for products that were in piles of other products...

Danielle said...

Well, good luck with your organization. I hope you post more as you go.

Tanya Ham said...

It's so easy to get overwhelmed when you start organizing. Just do one thing at a time, and you'll be fine! :)

Pamela said...

I need to do a better job organizing my room too! Great tips! :)

ScrappnBee said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Organization challenge! Glad to have you, and hope that the experience is fabulous! Good Luck! Happy Halloween! -Amanda

Johanna said...

Good luck! It's a lot of work but I'm sure you'll be happy at the end... Totally worth it :)

Becky said...

Your post got me to thinking today. I need to reorganize some things!