Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo Organization

Remember me talking about organizing my photos before I went on hiatus?  Well, during the last 2 weeks that is what I have been doing along with working and working and working!!! No really, I've been working!

So on to updating about my efforts to sort and organize photos:
If you will remember I had a whole shelf in my closet dedicated to photo storage and well...I had photos stashed here and there all over my room, so I gathered everything (and that's 30+ years of photos and put them onto my table to start the sorting process...
The albums on the far left are 3 up albums and have hundreds and hundreds of photos in them...ugh...very few of them are in chronological order!
Here's the empty shelf in the closet...completely bare!!!
After going digital I have kept photos sorted in boxes like this one after I've printed them out, but it's been kind of hit or miss for printing, I still have a ton of photos in cyber storage that haven't been printed.
This box is full of old negative from the good old film days. Man what do I do with all of these? For now they will continue to live in this box.
This is a pretty good sized plastic bin and it holds all of my boys school pictures, sports pictures and anything over a 5x7 size. I have a large envelope that I keep some 10x13's in.
I gave up taking photos out of there sleeves and just added date and information to the top of the sleeve.
I actually have some photos in a different album I bought at Archievers, it too is a 3 up album, and I have the dates on the sticky tabs on the side. I started putting in all of 2010 for this album, but I never finished and still have a box with the other half of 2010 in it. That will be on my agenda to get done this weekend since I know I have all of 2010 printed. This album is sitting on top of the plastic bin in the overall photo.
You would think I have this big bin full but it's not, there's really only a couple hundred photos in here. I bought this box with the idea that it would help me sort all the photos in my 3 up albums that are in total random order. Another goal for prolly next week...start on the 3 up album sorting.

I didn't take a photo of my computer screen with my cyber storage. I have a master photo file, in that are year files and in each year there are month files. If there is a big event during the month or several events then those will get their own file within the month file, otherwise random pictures go just into the month file. Even though I don't always scrap chronologically I like for my photos to be in chronological order.

Since these photos were taken 2 weeks ago I have progressed quite a bit. I had 2 boxes full of random pictures collected from all over my room, those have been sorted and put into their appropriate boxes. I have emptied 2 1/2 boxes into the large plastic container freeing up the boxes for the sorting I am planning on doing when I empty the 4 3up albums I have. I have also put all of 2011 photos into 2 albums I bought on Thanksgiving night at Michaels that were 1/2 off. They are 5up photo pages with 3 horizontal photos and 2 vertical phots per page. I put duplicate pictures of events in the same photo sleeve to make scrapping and viewing them easier. 

I had friends over last week to scrapbook with me so I moved all of my photos back to their closet shelf. I will be taking them back out this weekend so that I can start working on them again. 

Well...that's it for now!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Wedding Album

I finished another wedding album last Friday, I had worked on it all week while my sister was here and managed to finish all 10 double page layouts. This one will be a Christmas present for my niece Amber and her husband Jeremy who got married on the beach in Florida this summer. I used Allison Davis sketches for each layout and paper and embellishments from my stash.
I did buy the pink glitter paper, the butterfly embellishments, the pink and black hearts and the black glitter ribbon for this album. This layout is based on a sketch in AD Sketches Volume 1.
I bought the pink glitter ribbon for this album as well, the rest is from my stash. This layout is based on  an AD sketch from volume 2.
This layout is based on an AD sketch from volume 2. That shoe embellishment has been in my stash for years!
This layout is based on an AD sketch from volume 2. It's difficult to see in this photo but there is an overlay on the large picture frame with the word family on it.
Here's another splurge I made for this album, the pink rose ribbon...I just love this stuff! This layout is based on an AD sketch from volume 3.
This layout is based on an AD sketch from volume 3.
This sketch is based on an AD sketch from volume 3.
This sketch is based on an AD sketch from volume 3.
Here's another purchase for this album, this lovely white pleated ribbon...I love this stuff! This layout is based on an AD sketch from volume 3.
This sketch is based on an AD sketch from volume 3.

Well that's it for this album, there isn't any order, I just loaded the albums as I took pictures.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Calendar Pages

Here's the November calendar pages I finished last Friday. I used the same layout but varied up the paper using my November CKC kit. I really love how these turned out...but they are easy to love because I used all the stash that I love! I added a few things to my kit to complete these calendar pages.

The wood looking paper on the right side under the blue corded ribbon is an add on. I added the brown cardstock for the photo mat and used it to cut out the November title with Quickutz font "Lucy".  I sprayed the flower embellishment piece with glimmer mist in suede.

I added the wood grain with blue paint chips on the left side of this layout, I found it as I was sorting through my paper and couldn't pass up using it with this kit. Again I added the brown cardstock for the photo mat and the November title.

Again I added the wood grain with blue paint chips to the left side of this layout and again I added the brown cardstock for the photo mat and title.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

October Calendar Pages

I used some old CTMH Halloween paper and stickers to make calendar pages that will be Christmas gifts. I've been working on this all year, doing a month at a time. I didn't have time last month to get them done, but I spent some time last Friday playing catch up. All 3 layouts are roughly the same, I used the same layout on all 3 just a few changes to allow for the supplies I had.
October is spelled with a quickutz font "Fiesta".  The bats were cut from a vinyl border from MM (I think). The cats and spiders are stickers from Recollections. The arrows are from Reminisce and the felt embellishments are from Pink Paisley.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scrap Paper Organization

What I thought would take an hour or so turned into a 5 hour project...I can't imagine what it would have  been like if I hadn't already had my scraps somewhat organized! Here are my large scraps in my paper drawer, I keep them there to remind me to use those before I pull out a new sheet of paper.

Here are my smaller scraps that I reach for all the time to use with my Quickutz Revolution.

It doesn't look like much...

The shot above and below are what I pulled out of my small scrap box...wholly smokes, who would have guessed?!

Now for the larger scraps....
The picture above and below are the large scraps I cleared out, just for reference the lamp is my marker for how deep the pile is and there is over 3 inches there! And yes, I had already thrown out the smaller scrap pile.

Here's the after...
My regular scraps only take up the first 2 plastic holders, there's a folder for each color and the last plastic bin if for my chatterbox scraps (I know...I just can't incorporate them into the other scraps).

Here's my desk box, it's pretty full now, I pulled out so many smaller scraps from my large files to put on the desktop, I never realized that I was dropping the smaller ones into the large folders. There are some patterned papers in there but it's mostly cardstock since I use so much of it for my Quickutz.

So now my scraps are nice and tidy! And YES I did throw out all the unwanted scraps!!!

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