Friday, November 4, 2011

Color Bins

We did it again! I'm super excited about our new purchace!! We changed out the small book shelf for two-9 cubie shelves. They aren't anything fancy, they are closet maid from Walmart, but my color bins fit perfectly! I want to get one more color bin to separate out my white/cream/tan so maybe my white bin won't be so packed. I think that was the only big purchase we had planned on when we talked about re-doing my room. I love everything in here!! Now I want to put everything to great use!!
Standing in front of my desk, I left 1 cubie open for the off white bin I plan to make.
Still in front of my desk.
Here's a shot of the closet, rolling carts are still there and you can see I moved my project boxes back to their shelf. I also moved a box of pictures onto one of the shelves.
From the hallway coming into my room.
Closer up of the color bins.
I move the wireless printer to the top of this jetmax stack but I'm not sure I will be leaving it there. I moved the lamp to the table. I even managed to put up a picture that my friend Joey gave me when I graduated in May 2011.
Here's a view of my shelves...empty, barren, vacant....WoW!!! I have a feeling they will be used for storage during the weeks to come as I continue to work on organization.

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Tammy said...

Oh, you will love your color bins. How cool that they fit in shelves you already had. A perfect fit! :)