Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend...

Friday--Mr Gulley had surgery on his left foot. He's had 2 neuromas in it for a long time and hasn't been able to run in about 6 months (Mr Gulley has this thing with running, he thinks it's fun, ha! what does he know, right?!?!). So I played nurse to him all day, which wasn't too bad since he slept most of the day.

Saturday--I started all the prep work for our planned Thanksgiving dinner to be held on Sunday. Mr Gulley was trapped in the recliner with his foot propped up...doctor's orders so he couldn't help out except to give moral support, which I soo love to hear, and he was the official Zoë holder once my son arrived.!!! My younger son and his family rolled in mid afternoon and we all waited ever so patiently for my sister to arrive from Memphis Tennessee that night. She was driving and got off to a late start so it was rather late when she arrived, but she had to drive you see or how else would she have gotten all of her scrap goodies here in order to play with me?

Sunday--Thanksgiving day! It was a fabulous day filled with family and friends. My 2 best friends, Debbie and Joey, came for dinner and spent a little time out of there busy lives with me and my family for which I am very Thankful for. My older son came...late but he came and made my afternoon. He stayed the night so I got to spend a little extra time with him. After dinner and family and friends had either left or settled into their beds, I crept off to the scrap room and started pulling all of my paper and embellishments for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge November kit. I pulled so many embellishments from my stash...I am so looking forward to scrapping with all these embellishments over the next month. Pictures will follow tomorrow.

Monday...came way too early since I didn't get to bed till nearly 2 am, after being up since 7 on Sunday morning. I was up again at 6:30 when I heard Mr Gulley calling out to my oldest son, who had overslept. He drives a semi truck hauling milk and he was supposed to be at the dairy at 6 over 80 miles away. So off he went on his way...he arrived at the dairy over an hour late and still had to wait 1.5 hours for his load to be ready! I guess I need to buy an alarm clock for the spare room! LoL!! Later in the morning my lovely sister Angie and I went to the gym to work off some of that pecan pie we ate on Sunday. To reward ourselves for going to the gym we made a stop at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Jo Ann's. We didn't break the bank, but we did buy some fun scrappy stuff and I did eye some jetmax cubes with 2 drawers in them to maybe change out some of the ones I have...but that's a long way off since the organization challenge I am working on is just covering paper this week. Speaking of the organization challenge, I did go through all of my paper collections and kits this morning and cleaned out a bunch of paper from those (prolly 1/2 inch) and I sorted the leftovers into my main paper storage drawer. We actually spent several hours scrapping after dinner!

Today...I plan to go through my main paper storage drawer and I hope to clear out quite a bit of paper! I do plan on touching each piece I own and evaluating weather I truly love each piece or not. I also want to go through my paper collections again just to make sure there's nothing else I want to pull out and put into the main paper drawer.

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