Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paper sorting

I've spent time over the last several days sorting paper, I've dismantled page kits and paper packs; I've collected paper from all over the place (seems like I had a little stash here and a little stash there...) It actually looks like I have much more paper in my paper drawer and I do, but I did clean out over 2 inches of paper overall and I have it all together in my drawer and in the cubes below my desk. I didn't take pictures of the cubes this morning and will try to get some taken later this afternoon...
Here it is in my office chair, gosh it looks like a ton...

My empty drawer. I originally had 3 paper holder in here and I added 2 more, I also had to cut them down by one inch, same with the paper dividers too.

Looking down into the drawer: my paper is divided into color groups, specialty paper (bling, glitter, cut out or shaped), then pattern paper and card stock.

I have all the longer ends turned towards the front so that it's all flat across the top.

Here's a shot of the paper dividers, I cut out scraps and adhered them to the dividers to separate the color groups.

The bonus to the project is that my sister is here for a visit and she has gone through all of her paper that she brought and cleaned out paper that she has had since she started scrapping about 10 years ago. I'm glad I could be an encouragement to her.

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