Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo Organization

Remember me talking about organizing my photos before I went on hiatus?  Well, during the last 2 weeks that is what I have been doing along with working and working and working!!! No really, I've been working!

So on to updating about my efforts to sort and organize photos:
If you will remember I had a whole shelf in my closet dedicated to photo storage and well...I had photos stashed here and there all over my room, so I gathered everything (and that's 30+ years of photos and put them onto my table to start the sorting process...
The albums on the far left are 3 up albums and have hundreds and hundreds of photos in them...ugh...very few of them are in chronological order!
Here's the empty shelf in the closet...completely bare!!!
After going digital I have kept photos sorted in boxes like this one after I've printed them out, but it's been kind of hit or miss for printing, I still have a ton of photos in cyber storage that haven't been printed.
This box is full of old negative from the good old film days. Man what do I do with all of these? For now they will continue to live in this box.
This is a pretty good sized plastic bin and it holds all of my boys school pictures, sports pictures and anything over a 5x7 size. I have a large envelope that I keep some 10x13's in.
I gave up taking photos out of there sleeves and just added date and information to the top of the sleeve.
I actually have some photos in a different album I bought at Archievers, it too is a 3 up album, and I have the dates on the sticky tabs on the side. I started putting in all of 2010 for this album, but I never finished and still have a box with the other half of 2010 in it. That will be on my agenda to get done this weekend since I know I have all of 2010 printed. This album is sitting on top of the plastic bin in the overall photo.
You would think I have this big bin full but it's not, there's really only a couple hundred photos in here. I bought this box with the idea that it would help me sort all the photos in my 3 up albums that are in total random order. Another goal for prolly next week...start on the 3 up album sorting.

I didn't take a photo of my computer screen with my cyber storage. I have a master photo file, in that are year files and in each year there are month files. If there is a big event during the month or several events then those will get their own file within the month file, otherwise random pictures go just into the month file. Even though I don't always scrap chronologically I like for my photos to be in chronological order.

Since these photos were taken 2 weeks ago I have progressed quite a bit. I had 2 boxes full of random pictures collected from all over my room, those have been sorted and put into their appropriate boxes. I have emptied 2 1/2 boxes into the large plastic container freeing up the boxes for the sorting I am planning on doing when I empty the 4 3up albums I have. I have also put all of 2011 photos into 2 albums I bought on Thanksgiving night at Michaels that were 1/2 off. They are 5up photo pages with 3 horizontal photos and 2 vertical phots per page. I put duplicate pictures of events in the same photo sleeve to make scrapping and viewing them easier. 

I had friends over last week to scrapbook with me so I moved all of my photos back to their closet shelf. I will be taking them back out this weekend so that I can start working on them again. 

Well...that's it for now!

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Tiffany said...

Whew, organizing my photo's scrares me a little bit, but is a needed process. Thanks for sharing with us, it'll plant a seed into my head to be motivated.

Amy said...

Love the way you are organizing! That is one big task!

Pamela said...

You look so organized!! :)