Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scrap Room Organization-My Space

So week 2 of the challenge over at 2 peas is all about brainstorming. My take on this is what will it take to fix your problems, from the original list that I posted at 2 peas I've added 3 other issues that I have, there is only enough space for 1 person to scrap in my room, the lighting is too bulky and takes up too much space and my embellishment bins are too high on the wall. Week 2 also means we have to publish a picture of our space, I posted several photos that are an overview of my space over at 2 peas but I will be going into more detail here on my blog, so be warned that this post is picture heavy!

When you walk into my room immediately on the left if a bookshelf, it holds some old photo discs, my sweet Shani's sticker box, misc nursing magazines, manuals and other stuff needed for work, spare printer paper, the wireless printer, a wall project that needs pictures and my trusty tripod lives beside it. I think this would be a lovely area to put a large bookshelf to hold all of my color bins ...
After the book shelf comes my closet in it is the wire shelving my dh put in when we moved into the house, nothing fancy, just shelves and a wire basket stack.
As you can tell, every bit of this closet is used, including the top shelf that was placed by the home builder...
The first drawer holds some misc packing tape and labels and a few other odds and ends. This is the 2nd drawer, it holds paper bags, some black duck tape and pressed board (leftover from a project), super large bags , some tins that flowers came in (I occasionally use these for packing up embellishments to travel with). 
How many people do you know have a drawer full of plastic bags? I have one, I even keep the large 12x12 cellophane bags that kits come in. It's a sickness I tell ya. I even have a couple of old cutters in there, you never know when you might need an old one. LoL!! The bottom basket holds some misc office supplies and old computer software.
This bin holds blank card bases and envelops...I found an old project base in there as well (it was meant to be kept as a template).
This is the shelf space beside the card bin, there's a new album, a completed desk calender that will be a Christmas gift, a plastic bag with diaper wipes and a partially completed Words album (just needs pictures). I usually keep some project boxes here to pull out when I have time to work on them but currently they are on another surface in my room. 
This bin holds new mini albums and there are even a few kits in there. I occasionally use some of these, prolly 2 or 3 times a year. I haven't added any to this bin in over a year.
2 empty picture boxes, at one time I kept office supplies in these, on top is more new mini albums (I pulled them to see if they would work for my words album and then I just set them back up there when I didn't use them).
When I used to do swaps I would keep everything I made or was given sorted in plastic bags by color and a few by theme. I haven't used anything from here in over 2 years. I really need to incorporate this into my embellishment bins for a while and if I still don't use them then they need to go.
This is way up high; gift bags and tissue paper, a cube that I didn't have space for, random stuff, a plastic tub and flower box full of sewing supplies and boxes of embroidery floss.
cross stitch stuff, my Quickutz revolution box, a white box full of leftover Christmas cards, empty floss boxes (I used these for embellishment boxes at one time), behind the blue bag are random boxes (cell phone, modem, camera, etc) and finally large bubble envelopes and a pizza box for mailing layouts.
These are all albums in progress, all of my completed minis and 12x12 albums are in the living room for everyone to have easy access to.
A cup/trash holder that I use for crops and an old tool basket (trying to decide if I should use it in another area with different tools.
The back of this shelf holds some larger albums that are new, the little white basket holds my cut out magazine ideas, next is a cropper hopper paper holder with lots of smaller sleeves.
There are 2 8x8 albums that I will be giving as gifts for Christmas, extra page protectors memorabilia(can you say out of sight, out of mind!!).
This is an accumulation of 30+ years of family photos. I soo need to organize these! The last 10 years or so has been mostly digital and only 2 boxes of those are printed (the 2 white boxes).
Most of my traveling supplies and my sewing machine and a new Quickutz Revolution (it was on clearance at HL for $23 so I couldn't pass it up).
Outside the closet is a stack of 3 jetmax cubes...
Yeppers...that's a rolling bag in front of that shelf, it's full of Christmas-ee stuff to make Christmas cards from. The top of the shelf has a lamp and a box of photos.
Magazines that need to be gone through and given away.
Beside the magazine bin are 2 shelves that hold misc. stuff including a couple of mini books in progress and some chipboard. This shelf holds sketch books, projects in progress and new project kits and idea books.
These 2 drawers hold chipboard, a pattern to use for papercrafting and several bagies full of unfinished cards.
Top cubie has a shelf removed and stuff in here, there's 3 jars that I didn't use in my color bins and some ribbon storage items (the holders for the wind up ribbon).
Next on the tour is my mini sofa, which is another place to stack stuff! Behind this sofa is my window, big and bright!
Another rolling cart full of supplies to make 2 wedding albums. I just finished one and still have one to make. I'm planning on doing that the week of the 6th when my sister is visiting. I also have a project box with a paper pad that I plan to use for my newest grand daughter Zoë's first year album. This is also the spot I am thinking of putting my old kitchen table, dh says we will try it out on Thursday this week.
This is my Quickutz font binder. I have slide show sleeves holing all of my dies, which works great except for the 4x8 dies and the cookie cutter dies. I am in the  process of putting all of my cookie cutter dies and other odd shape dies on magnetic sheets and keeping them in clear folders. I bought a box that I will keep all of them in once I have everything completed. I think I will try and keep my shape dies in this system to, I currently have them in another place.
Next is my file cabinet with misc office and computer stuff. On the floor is a bag from a Michael's shopping trip a few weeks ago and in front of the file cabinet is the clear box with a black lid for my Quickutz dies, once I finish buying what I need to make that work.
Stacked on top of that are 2 project boxes and a third box that is holding my October Conterfeit Kit Challenge supplies.   In between the project boxes and the CKC stuff is a paper pad with lots of additional cardstock stuck into it that I am using to make 2 Christmas gift albums.
Then my stool for the desk (I rarely sit on it) piled high with another kit that I made up and a bag that has the paper for the color room challenges already pulled along with the sketch.
My wall with 4 layouts of my family.
Beside my pictures and my desk is my ribbon storage (or at least on area of ribbon storage).On the floor is my old cropper hopper zip around that I keep my Quickutz shape dies. I also keep 2 photo albums there, one is empty and the other is nearly empty.
I have 11 different color selections, some of these are pretty empty because I have the ribbon pulled for different projects.
This is an overview of my main scrapping area. The desk (each of the white units and counter) was made for me by my dh. He made it to my height (since I am a stand up scrapper) and to my needs. Below is my kit, paper stacks and some random paper storage, above are my color bins, to the right is my stamp tower drawers and then more jetmax cubes under the TV.
I keep my paper stacks on the top left jetmax cube, next to that is some random paper (8.5x11 and packs of multicolor cardstock. I have project kits tucked in here and there and the bottom is mostly CTMH page kits (or paper packs) and some other kits from a mail order club I was a member of. Next to the cubes I have a couple of packs of cardstock I just got and also a MS score board that is new.
This is a view inside the basket, it's full of little containers, I have plans to put my chipboard alphas into these (one day soon I hope).
This box is full of stuff, I keep my completed calender pages that will be put into calenders and given as Christmas gifts as well as pages that I will be using for 2 differnt Christmas albums that will be given as gifts. There's tons of other random stuff in there too including 6x6 paper pads and chip board.
The stamp tower hold all of my CTMH stamps and the bottom drawer holds all of my stayzon stamp pads and reinkers. The jetmax cubes hold a multitude of stuff, including idea books, catalogs and general stuff with no other home...
My stamps fit in there at a slight angle, 25 stamp sets fit in each drawer with squeezing them too tightly.
This is a box with ribbon bits and pieces on top of the stamp tower.
On top of the jetmax cubes is a box of photos and some cards I have been working on.
This is a top view of the ribbon box, it's full of everything from twine and embroderiey floss to word and  paper ribbon.
Top left drawer holds bling.
Middle holds metal embellishments.
Bottome drawer holds chipboard.
The top cubie is usually where I stack my layouts when I have completed them until I can get them into an album. And yes...that is a plate, I use if for tracing large circles to cut out. The drawer is kind of a catch all right now, it has some toile, ribbon and empty spice jars.
Next are some letter stamps, date stamps, distressing tools, some Quick Quotes stamp pads and CTMH reinkers.
This drawer holds random stuff.
There is a shelf that hold stuff and another of those divided drawers that has 2 old books that I found in a resale shop.
These 2 drawers hold more ribbon and my Quickuts grand alphas.
This is a shot of my color bins. I have the color ribbon the bin contains on the handle and I have some butterfly embellishments that I pinned to the outside to corespond with the color inside.
Inside my top left drawer of my desk there are all kinds of misc stuff including all of my embossing powder and the small amt of glitter that I own.
the next drawer is full of punches as well as my paper crimper, my ribbon iron and my heating tool. I have more border punches that usually live in here but they are currently in my project carts.
this drawer holds all of my stickers (those that aren't in color bins or project bins). I have my stickers sorted by theme (beach, children, love, words, seasons, etc) in expandible files that have a slim file in the back of each catagory for rub ons or other specific embellishments. Up front are some die cut sheet of arrows, some accordian type papers and some stacks for cutting out things with my Quickutz Revolution. or paper punches.
On the right side, this cubbie holds all sorts of stuff, misc. clear stamps, my revolution, metal brads divided by color, a ribbon jar that holds bits and pieces, stick pins, xyron adhesive, xyron 2.5 machine and other random stuff.
The bottom drawer holds the bulk of my paper.  
This section is all large scraps sorted by color in files inside clear string tie expandable envelopes. The middle and last one are emptier because I have been pulling from them for different projects.
My paper is sorted by color (pattern followed by cardstock) and at the far right side I have a few collections of Chatterbox that I just can't seem to part with! 
My desktop has my ink pads to the left (some are in project bins), cats eye ink, xyron X machine and my paper cutter.
My ATG, tool bag, mini trash bag, ott lite and desk pad live in the center of my desk.
The right side had a basket that holds my stamp blocks, my ink daubers, and my Revolution trays, next to that is my small scrap box that I use all the time and yes it is sorted by color. I have my sew easy mat and a cropper hopper paper holder with paper sorted by theme (beach, Las Vegas, Halloween and Christmas) and lots of random stuff piled up!
Here's a sample of the embellishment on the outside of my color bins, this one is white.
Inside is everything including big spools of floss thread. I have white and off white together, I would really love to seperate them but I don't have the space right now.
I have a small container with a spice jar of butons, misc embellishments, paint, stickles and other random stuff. I have 2 large jars, one with flowers and the other with misc embellishments. Standing up is everything including stuff,  tags, stuff, journal cards, stuff,  rubons, stuff and well....more stuff!
This is inside the orange bin. Not nearly as much stuff as the white bin.
This is the outside of the green color bin.
My desk is next...it's huge!
On top I keep some old magazines and idea files.
Top middle holds my card boxes, I have a stack beside them to put into the boxes.
The far right has empty cropper hopper paper holders.

The corner has a stack of layouts completed this month.

As you can see, I have lots of stuff that needs to be organized and put with like stuff to make it easier to find and use. 


Mary Pat Siehl said...

what an awesome space! love all the shelves and drawers!

thanks so much for visiting my blog today- siehledwithakiss.blogspot.com - and taking the time to leave such a kind comment. I would be honored if you signed up to follow and i will do the same! thanks again-mp

Becky said...

You have an awesome space to work with!!! I can totally see why this challenge is daunting, every time I see the posts on Two Peas I think about doing it and I don't, ha! I'm enjoying following along with you though! :) :) :)

Pamela said...

That's one thing I wish I had...a nice big closet, and I wish it was as organized as yours! Everything looks awesome! Well done! :)

ScrappnBee said...

Love the pictures of your space! I think that I may have scrap space envy! LOL! I have done the challenge 3 times, and my room gets better every time. Don't worry if you fall off the wagon (or ignore some of the problem area weeks). It is worth hanging in! Good Luck! Amanda

Ursula Schneider said...

i sooo need to do. this you have a great space.

Tammy said...

Wow - everything already looks so organized! You have a great space. :)