Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snowman Family

We had our family Thanksgiving on Nov. 6, it seems ages and ages ago. On the 5th I had planned a craft project for my grandson Cameron and I to do since he was spending the night. We made a snowman family with mother, father, brother and baby sister...OK so I provided the jars and paint and cut the felt and scarves that my daughter in law Misty picked out. LoL!!! We have quite the funky snow people!!! They took them home and put lights in the jars and they glow beautifully. The best part though is that Cameron got to be creative and he actually said that doing crafts was funner than being on the computer....who would've guessed?!?!

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scrapbookertink said...

These are so cute, loving them, take care, Doreen x