Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January CKC layout #9

This is the last day of the month and I still have 5 more pages to show you from my January kit, so keep coming back for the rest of them, now on to today's layout and yes...it's another AD sketch.
YEAH me!!! I finally used those ancient tree's!!!!  Also on this page I used tickets, one of my original papers for this kit had nothing but tickets on it and I just cut out five of them, distressed them and stapled them down after I had done my journaling on them.
I layered the trees for a shadow effect and I actually cut one of the ends off the dark brown one and made a branch, tied some twine I had around the tree and the branch to make a swing. I also used some of those Martha Stewart letter tags for part of the title, you can't really tell by the pictures but the title swingin is popped up with foam squares

I had to get creative with the "g", I had already used it on this alpha sheet so I combined the "q" and the tail of the "y" to make it.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

January CKC layout #8

I'm over the halfway point with these layouts, I hope you are enjoying looking at them as much as I am! This is layout #8 and it is another AD sketch.
I had the multi strip paper in my kit and was unsure how or where to use it, I kept picking it up and putting it down. I finally decided to use the whole thing on one page and didn't realize until I was done that most of it is covered up. I was also able to squeeze in more chipboard embellishments.

The journal card is one that was on an entire page of journal cards that I just cut out to add. The postmark paper was kinda tricky to work with...it had lot's of love sentiments on it so I had to be careful of how to use it with the pictures of my sister and I.

The title alpha was leftover from a kit club that I used to take, I have been pushing myself t use it for a long time and was finally able to with this layout.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

January CKC layout #7

Here is layout #7 from my January kit and it's another AD sketch.

I was going to cut up the flourish die cuts but changed my mind and then I ended up covering most of the right one...UGH!

I had to get creative, I ran out of "I"'s with this alpha so I cut my "L"'s down to size. I added the pink/red and big polka dot paper to these pages, the first addition to my enormously large kit.

Way back, nearly 10 years ago, when I first started scrapping QVC had a special on frames and I got a package with over 100 in it, I have hardly used any and this is the first I've used in a very long time!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

January CKC Layout #6

Here's layout #6 from my January kit and is also another AD sketch.

I had more of the rock/shell pictures and decided to use a couple here cut down to act more as embellishments than anything else.

I layered a yellow and green alpha to make the title pop since both alpha's were pretty small.

The red flower I made for another kit and didn't use it so I added it here for a little balance with the red/orange photo mats.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

January CKC layout #5 & Cards

Here's layout #5, it's also an AD sketch and it's one of my favorites because it has such a great picture of Mr Gulley and those lovely blue doors on that old, old building!

Here are the cards that I made with some of the leftovers of my kit. I have really run short on birthday cards so using the leftovers along with bits and pieces from my kit made perfect since to make more. I also used a combination of CTMH stamps for these cards, I think I used bits from 6 different sets.

I used a glitter pen to dress up the package a little.

More glitter on the balloon.

More glitter on the cake and candles.

More glitter on the package.

And still more glitter on the cake and candles.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January CKC layout #4

Here's #4...I love the double matting I did on the right page, I had pictures of just rock with shells mixed in that I wanted everyone to see because we spent so much time hunched over picking out just the right shells so I chose a couple of photos that I could crop down and then glue onto the rock photos.

The flower/word embellishments were made this summer while we were on this vacation. It's what I took to work on in the car since we had such a long car trip planned out. The title and green polka dot ribbon are leftover from when I was in a kit club years ago.

The doily I sprayed a couple of months ago to use in a kit and never got around to using it then so back into my stash it went until now.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January CKC layout 3

Here's the 3rd layout from my kit...did I mention there are 14 of them? LoL...
Used lots more chipboard!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January CKC layout #2

Here's layout #2 it's an AD sketch.

I used 4 different alpha's in the title and that little frame had been in my stash for years and years!

the circle ribbon is from one of those American Crafts multi packs of ribbon. I bought it on clearance and never realized how difficult it would be to match up tat aqua and yellow...it woks perfectly for these layout!

I just love my sister's face in these photo's and her comment when she spotted the snake really was  "OMG...LOOK....it's a snake!!!"

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Monday, January 23, 2012

January CKC kit

Ok...I have to say I am impressed with me! LoL!!! I guess I had better explain...I managed to get 28 pages from my January CKC kit...that's 14 double page layouts! AND...I haven't even started making cards with the leftovers yet, that will come sometime this week. So stay tuned because for the next 14 days I will be showing you a double page spread each day, starting today. Oh and before I forget to mention most of these layouts are done using Allison Davis Sketches and a few Page Maps towards the end. They aren't in any specific order, that will be determined when I put them in an album. So without further delay here is the first layout...

I didn't add anything to this layout that wasn't in my kit...I love that I got to use soo much chipboard on this layout, that was a big goal this month, to use lots of chipboard.

Those little tabs with the date have been in my stash for several years unopened, it felt good to get them out and use them!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Counterfeit Kit Challenge

This month over at CKC the inspiration kits are from Cocoa Daisy, there were 4 to choose from and I chose the Amber Snowflake, mixed with a little Sunshine and Snowflakes, a touch of Windowpane and finally a sprinkle of Cocoa and Marshmallows. The colors in all the kits were very earthy to me and I pulled out an earthy collection from my stash. I love that I was able to pull so  much stuff from my stash and you guys know me...I love huge kits!!! I plan to use this kit to make layouts from our canoe trip this summer! I'll post the layouts starting on Sunday.
I love my clear boxes, they hold soo much stuff. I didn't have room for my big jar of white buttons, a jar of misc. chipboard, my metal can of misc. embellishments and a wide ribbon and some washi tape.

Metal, buttons, and ribbon.

Misc. embellishments.

Alphabets (punch outs, stickers and rub ons).

Bling and buttons.

Red embellishments from my red bin.

Misc. chipboard.

Brown embellishments from my brown bin.

More brown embellishments (just want to mention that the 2 tags to the right are ones I made like 3 years ago and the tree die cuts are from when I first started scrapping about 10 or 11 years ago).

Red, blue and orange embellishments from my color bins.

Punch outs, misc chipboard and large brads.

Here's the patterned paper.

Here's my cardstock, there's either 2 to 6 pieces of each color.