Thursday, January 19, 2012

Archiver's Crop

I spent last weekend with my sister and most of it was spent at Achiever's scrapbooking. I had put together my January kit for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge before I left home but I didn't have time to take pictures of it before I left home. I took pictures of it once we got to the store along with my bags that I packed up to take with me. I packed pictures of our summer vacation canoe trip, my newest grand daughter's first year album, cards (I am sorely lacking birthday cards), and Christmas tag supplies. I will post pictures of my CKC kit tomorrow.
Here are my open bags, some things have been taken out, but not many.

Here's the table space I had to work on, I brought the 2 wire stacking racks (I use those for crops only, not in my home scrap room). I thought the space across from me would be taken so I planned to have verticle space, like I do at crops and my sister sat to my left.

Inside my "tool bag" LoL! I carry most of my tools in here, including my revolution, my punches, alphabets, baby wipes, stamp blocks and even my stamps.

My cutter and scrap mat fit in the outside pocket along with adhesive and rulers.

Stamps go in the side pockets on both sides.

My larger bag holds my idea sketch books in one side pocket.

My ink pads and pictures fit in the front pockets.

Inside the inner front pocket is where my coluzzle circles live with their foam mat.

Additional Quickutz fonts live in the outer front zipper pocket. 
Buttons, ribbon, tattered angel's spray and Christmas tag stuff is kept in the other side pocket.


Stephanie said...

Wow, you pack SO efficiently! I'm more a "throw it all in the bag and hope it fits" kind of girl, so I always envy organization. I'm going to my first 3 day crop in November, so I hope I can be more like you! :)

Jenny Lilac said...

Very good packing tips! Thanks for sharing!