Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy 12-12 everyone....OK...1-2-12, LoLoL!!! This is going to be the best year ever! I don't usually do resolutions but thought I would give it a go this year
#1- be healthy
#2- be grateful
#3- be committed

Onto an explanation. I've been overweight for many years, not morbidly obese or anything, just overweight (like 40 lbs) and this year I'm committing to making a dent in it. I might not ever loose it all, but no more excuses for why I can't get off my tail and get moving and keep myself healthy! I also don't usually choose a word to focus on for the year but this year I've chosen grateful. Next, I have been so fortunate in my lifetime and I don't think I share that enough, I am so very grateful for each and every day I spend on this earth with my family and friends and this year I want to make sure everyone knows how I feel! Finally...I don't have problems with commitment, well, not usually! In the last year I have finished up my BSN and kinda hemmed and hawed about taking the next step and working towards my MSN/NP. At the last possible moment I hand delivered my application (like 4:59 pm...LoL...not really but you get the point) for the Spring 2012 semester at WTAMU.  Now comes the hard part, I've been accepted to their program and I am scared to death! I've decided though that I have to be committed to this, each and every day until I complete this and sit for my boards! So that's what is on my plate for this year!

So thank you for visiting my blog today!
I am grateful that you took time from your busy life to share a little of mine!


Helen said...

Hey friend, I am so proud of you
for your commitments!!! You will
succeed because that is how you are. Miss seeing you. Helen

-hilde said...

Congratulations on you acceptance into the graduate program! Am so happy on your behalf that you've just decided to go for it.

(I just stopped by from the organizational challenge on TwoPeas)