Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February CKC Layout #4

In this layout I did a few things that I don't normally do on layouts. First I stamped the doiley patterns behind the photos, I'm not entirely happy with the one on the top left because of the own fault here because I didn't line up the edges close enough. The other thing I did was cut out some magic mesh in a swirl pattern, talk about a crazy idea...this was it! This layout coordinates with yesterday's layout to make a double pager.

Sorry about the glare!

Here's the swirl I cut out of magic mesh....super cute effect but cutting the magic mesh was a pain in the rear! The butterfly is a Quickutz die.

Not the best close up of the doily stamp, but this one is much cuter than the one on the left, only because the edges on this one are lined up appropriatly.

This cute little butterfly is a Martha Stewart punch.

The letters for PLAY are all rub ons and the time is a tiny alpha.

Here's both layouts together.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February CKC Layout #3

When I put together my February CKC kit I pulled out several packages of stamps to use. On this layout I used a set of stamps that had several different tag borders, I stamped 3 different tags on patterned paper and cut them out and used them along the bottom of the layout.

Here's a close up of the 3 tags that I stamped and cut out. I loved that I was able to use one of those old creative cafe journal tags as the base of my title.

Little bits of of ribbon.

I cut out this butterfly with my Quickutz.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Organization Challenge Week #9 if you have been following along with the Organize Your Stuff Challenge over on 2Peas then you realize that they are on week 17 and I am just now posting week 9. I have been playing along, I just haven't had the time to take pictures and post them, so hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will be showing you all the progress I have made!  Week #9 is actually embellishment week and let me tell you...I have tons of embellishments, mostly sorted by color into color bins...
So here they are...I have added butterflies, flowers, book markers, mini clothes pins and ribbon to the front of each bin that coincides with the color on the inside. I won't show you all of them but enough to see that it's somewhat organized in there.

Yellow and purple are the bins with the least amount so you can kinda see I have a Rubbermaid rectangular bowl on the left side with paint, misc supplies, button jars, stickles, tiny embellishment, journal cards, etc. Beside that are 2 larger plastic jars, one for flowers and the other for misc. embellishments. Finally standing up on the right are all sorts of stickers, borders, specialty paper, you name it, if it doesn't fit into my sticker categories in another area then it goes in here.

The blue one has a bit more in it.

Not so much in the purple one.

My white one is stuffed full with mounds of stuff on top of the jars and bowl in the bottom. I don't usually mind digging around too much since I know it's all white stuff!

I have most of my metal, bling and chipboard stashed separately in drawers by my table because I tend to use it more there.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

February CKC Layout #2

So if you haven't heard heard about the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog head over there and check out all the wonderful-ness! Today I am posting the 2nd layout that I've made from the kit, it actually goes along with the first one.
Another bad glare photo...sorry about that!

Those phrase stickers have been in my stash for years and years and that "beautiful" embellishment is another one that I made last summer out of scraps.

I love using up scraps, the large blue polka dot flower was cut out with my Quickutz last summer.

The alpha I got at the GASC in Arlington, TX the first time I went, prolly 6 or  years ago now, I just couldn't stand getting rid of it without ever using one letter so I kept it and challenged myself to use it during this challenge!

So here are both layouts for a double page spread.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

February CKC Layout #1

I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to with this months CKC kit...mostly because my scraproom stayed torn up for over 2 weeks! Plus the fact that I work full time and I go to school! I know...blah, blah, blah...just show up the layout!
Sorry about the horrible glare on some of the pictures. I actually did this page first to use up some of the pictures I had taken of my sweet grand daughter Shani's toys. We take her castle with us when we travel and she takes all her little dollies and they become her subjects. Tomorrow I will show the page I did to go with this one where I named her the queen.

The green border paper under the title is part of a making memories journal piece that was about 4x5 and I just cut a piece off.

I totally love that I am using up these little embellishments that I made last summer out of scraps and leftover chipboard pieces.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

New Purchase

I know most of you blog hop on a daily basis to keep up with your favorite bloggers and so I do! One of my favorite blogs belongs to Melissa Stinson otherwise known as The Scrappy Jedi. I love, love, love to stop by and catch up on what she's been up to and on what new types of scrap storage she has found. Not very long ago, on Feburary 2 to be exact (the link is above) she posted a new spinner that she found at Harbor Freight....I fell in love! I had to go out and buy one for myself only I didn't want to leave it black because I wanted it to work on my desk without feeling like a black hole. Melissa's is on a different surface so her's is fine being black. I bought 3 cans of ivory gloss spray paint though I only used 2 and just a spray or two from the 3rd can. I had Mr Gulley put it together before I painted it and afterwards wished I hadn't! Lesson learned the hard way, the only way I obviously know how to learn!!! It took 2 days for it to NOT be tacky anymore. Ugh...I wanted to load it up as soon as I was done painting, but I waited 3 days and loaded it up.

Here's Melissa's spinner, full of all kinds of scrappy goodies.

Here's mine, all painted and ready to load up!

I have Washi tape, inks, blocks, felt shape ribbon, paper ribbon, sew easy tool and heads and sew easy ink tool and heads, some extra adhesive and trimmer blades.

Doesn't it look awesome on the right side of my desk, no black hole there just spinner loveliness!
I love my scraproom and I especially love my new purchase!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last weekend Mr Gulley's brother, sister in law and niece were in Clovis for the weekend. They live outside of Los Angeles, California and flew in on Friday and out on Monday. Mr Gulley and I managed to make it over on Saturday and Sunday for a couple of hours each day. It was such a wonderful weekend! I am a family kinda girl and any time someone mentions family get togethers I want to be there, just wish I could manage to get to them as often as I would like!!

So what's the purpose of this post...just simply to say how much I love my family! Mr Gulley and I have been married nearly 30 years and what's his is mine and what's mine is mine his ...that includes families! In all seriousness...I love our combined family!
My wonderful father in law Buddy holding my beautiful grand daughter Zoë.

He adores her like he does all his children, grand children and his other great grand daughter!

My sweet nieces Paige and Stephanie.

The out of towners....Leeann, Tony and Paige.

Olivia, Shani and Sandra...Shani is my precious grand daughter, Sandra is my wonderful daughter in law and Olivia is my extended daughter in law....she's Sandra's sister and has been part of our family since Joshua and Sandra married.

Joshua, Sandra and Shani....I love these guys sooo much!!!

Is it just our family or do all male children line up like they are having mug shots taken?!?  Mr Gulley is in the middle with younger brother Steven on the left and older brother Tony on the right.

Jason, Misty and Cameron...I wonder if I'm the only mother in law who got the best present at the wedding?  I got a new grandson....Cameron... I didn't even have to change diapers or anything!!!!

My niece Laura...I so wish I had gotten a picture of her super sweet husband Sean!!! They are expecting sweet Aubree (I hope I spelled that right) next month!

My rock star, ballerina, princess Shani!

Not the best picture of me...but don't you just love the look on little Miss Zoë's face....oh wait...can  you see her, she does have on camouflage after all!

The in towners Steven and Candace.

My scruffy headed nephew Steven who says he will cut his hair in June, that will mark one year that he has gone without cutting it!

I'm sure others have families that they love and are proud of but this isn't their's mine!!! So I get to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how wonderful my family is and how much I love them and how proud I am of each of them...
I hope they make it this far to read this...LoLoL!!!!
I do love all of you very much!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My shelves are finally back up and I have been furiously cleaning and working up on finishing up some organizing projects I have had going on. I'm still working on the Organization Challenge over at 2 Pea's. But for today here are my shelves....
Yep...that's Mr Gulley working hard to get up the wall brackets so that I can manage to get all the junk on my desk put away!

I am soo lucky that Mr Gulley is so handy!

Did I mention all the junk, not just on my desk but on the table too!

Closer....the under brackets are being secured on!

Carol Maryl Sorry....I mean Mr Gulley showing off his handy work!

How awesome is that? Shelves are up and all the "schtuff" is put away and nice and tidy!!

Would you look at that table....the only thing on it is my CKC February kit.
I really don't think those shelves are ever coming down again (unless I take them down!).
I really love my room!!!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's still not done!

I have been waiting ever so impatiently for Mr Gulley to get my shelves back up! Argh....they are still down! I actually told him to call into work today so that he can finish the work on my room! LoL!! Like that's going to happen! I may get lucky and he may get cancelled and if that's the case...then there is no excuse for him not to get it done today!

I did have a spot on my table that I have been trying to do some scrapping on, well until yesterday when he took over that spot too, and I have actually done 3 pages with my super fabulous February CKC kit. I will try to get those photographed this morning before I go to bed so that I can start uploading them.

In the  meantime though here are a few pics of my scraproom in chaos...
So he has the bracket system partially up, he needs one more long bar. It makes me crazy to see my desk looking like this!

Close up of the desk....CRAZY!!!!

Here's the table top, I was scrapping on the left side until he needed a space to lay all the brackets that attach to the wood shelves.

Here's all 4 of my shelves, waiting ever so patiently to go back up on the wall!

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