Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last weekend Mr Gulley's brother, sister in law and niece were in Clovis for the weekend. They live outside of Los Angeles, California and flew in on Friday and out on Monday. Mr Gulley and I managed to make it over on Saturday and Sunday for a couple of hours each day. It was such a wonderful weekend! I am a family kinda girl and any time someone mentions family get togethers I want to be there, just wish I could manage to get to them as often as I would like!!

So what's the purpose of this post...just simply to say how much I love my family! Mr Gulley and I have been married nearly 30 years and what's his is mine and what's mine is mine his ...that includes families! In all seriousness...I love our combined family!
My wonderful father in law Buddy holding my beautiful grand daughter Zoë.

He adores her like he does all his children, grand children and his other great grand daughter!

My sweet nieces Paige and Stephanie.

The out of towners....Leeann, Tony and Paige.

Olivia, Shani and Sandra...Shani is my precious grand daughter, Sandra is my wonderful daughter in law and Olivia is my extended daughter in law....she's Sandra's sister and has been part of our family since Joshua and Sandra married.

Joshua, Sandra and Shani....I love these guys sooo much!!!

Is it just our family or do all male children line up like they are having mug shots taken?!?  Mr Gulley is in the middle with younger brother Steven on the left and older brother Tony on the right.

Jason, Misty and Cameron...I wonder if I'm the only mother in law who got the best present at the wedding?  I got a new grandson....Cameron... I didn't even have to change diapers or anything!!!!

My niece Laura...I so wish I had gotten a picture of her super sweet husband Sean!!! They are expecting sweet Aubree (I hope I spelled that right) next month!

My rock star, ballerina, princess Shani!

Not the best picture of me...but don't you just love the look on little Miss Zoë's face....oh wait...can  you see her, she does have on camouflage after all!

The in towners Steven and Candace.

My scruffy headed nephew Steven who says he will cut his hair in June, that will mark one year that he has gone without cutting it!

I'm sure others have families that they love and are proud of but this isn't their's mine!!! So I get to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how wonderful my family is and how much I love them and how proud I am of each of them...
I hope they make it this far to read this...LoLoL!!!!
I do love all of you very much!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


WillieburgScrapper said...

Hi Julie. Thank you for swinging by my blog- I really appreciate your input and encouragement. I feel the same way about my family- it's great to see a photo centered post celebrating it.

Alyssa said...

Great photos! They'll be fun to scrapbook. :)