Saturday, March 3, 2012

February CKC Layout #6

This layout is of my beautiful wedding gift! I know it's custom to give the bride and groom wedding gifts, but it just so happens that I got the best gift at the wedding....Cameron! Cameron is my daughter in law's son from a previous relationship but he happens to be my son's son now! LoL!!Say that fast 5 times! Anyway...Mr Gulley and I love Cameron and are so happy that he is part of our family now!
Cameron's mom has an Italian heritage...I love his warm olive complexion and those goodness, those eyes!!!!

I'll tell you about my blunder...I wrote the journaling on a sticker journal spot, I wrote in red and the dots around the journal area are red so it just all ran together, so I found a little tag I had in my kit and did my journaling on that in black and popped it down on top of the other journal spot.

The title is a sticker and I loved the red stitch look around it but I wanted to add some texture to my layout so I did some real stitching under it. I used my sew easy tool with the zig-zag stitch to put the holes in and just a basic red floss. I love the look and texture it gives!

I added a metal clip, but it kinda got lost in the background pattern paper so I added a little red tag sticker under it to give it a little definition.

Finally used one of those little date stickers I had put in my kit.


Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Wow, nice layout. I love the stitching. Your grandson is a nice looking boy.