Friday, March 2, 2012

Organization Challenge Week #10

This week (not literally because the actual challenge is in week 18 or 19) is alphabet week. I have alpha stickers, rub ons, die cut (not my actual die cut dies) and alpha chipboard letters.
Remember when my shelf fell off the wall, well this acrylic box full of alphas was sitting on it and it hit the floor where this handle used to be. I have since had Mr Gulley cut off the remainder of the handles and then file it down, but the alpha's didn't go back into it, it's actually used for my scrap paper.

I did buy a new acrylic box for my alpha's! Don't you love my fancy label? It's what I have everything labeled with for the moment, until everything is in it's final home.

I have large 12x12 folders and in each folder are my rub on alphas, behind the file is my sticker and die cut alphas. All of the alphas are separated by color and I have paper clips of most colors on the file tabs.

Chipboard and metal alpha storage. I did create a label sticker for each bowl but I didn't stick them completely because I didn't know if I would move them around or combine them. I didn't buy any extra bowls for punctuation  or numbers and I don't know if they have them anymore at Michael's. So...this may be an area that I change up in the future. Hopefully now that I have them down on my desk top I will use them more.

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