Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shimelle's Inspiration Kit Challenge

I'm a regular over at 2 peas in a bucket, OK, so I don't post much, but I've been lurking there for years and years. I will admit that I am a bit kit crazy at the moment and when Shimelle posted a video for National Scrapbooking Day and (read AND) she posted a glitter girl kit challenge and (read AND even bigger) one of the 2 peas members posted her own challenge for those of us inspired by was only natural that I would jump in!

Here's a link to Shimelle's NSD page called Maxing Out a Set of Supplies just scroll down and watch the video, it's a bit long but she takes you through the process of kit selection and of how she comes up with each layout (there are 8 of them). Have I mentioned before that I'm kinda hooked on Shimelle at the moment? LoL!!! I wish I could live on her shoulder for a couple of weeks as she scraps, her creativity is so inspiring right now!!

Next up is the link to Glitter Girl Adventure 019: Kit Me Up again just scroll down and watch the video, it's not as long as the first but again she takes you through the process of kit selection for a large kit and a small kit and shows how she puts together a single page.

Finally onto the message board where the Inspired by Shimelle Challenge was issued by 2 peas member Live. Teach. Create. I thought about if for a day or 2 and decided to jump on the challenge. I put my kit together, scrapped 9 pages and was left with a very small stack of leftover pattern paper and cardstock. I love using my stash to create with! I have soo much stuff that I feel is just sitting there not being used and this kit challenge enticed me to pull out some older stash to use.

Enough chatter...onto the kit. Today I will show you the kit I put together, tomorrow I will show the layouts I completed and the next day I will show my much smaller set of leftover supplies!

The bulk of the paper is from Cosmo Cricket (several different lines), Making Memories, Karen Foster, Bazzill and CTMH.

This is one of the cut apart sheets, it's 2 sided and full of great stuff!

Here's all the embellishments together, not many for me, but it was part of the challenge to keep it limited so that you will use it up

This is a stamp set from CTMH called Instant Memories.

A sticker sheet from Cosmo Cricket that went with one of the lines of paper.

I pulled out my sew easy tool with 2 different heads along with CTMH floss and DMC floss.

When I open a package of bling and there's anything left over I add it to these little baggies and I have a baggie for each color. I have pearl accents and orange bling baggies as well as a roll of brownish color bling adhesive strip.

I received a small bottle of glimmer mist several years ago at the GASC in Arlington, I've used it a couple of times but really haven't been in love with it till now.
Washi tape in burnt orange.

I choose these 2 larger alpha's because they had been partially used. The thickers set on the left was one I thought would be dk red, it turned out looking more purple than anything else, but I didn't let that stop me from using it. The set on the right is by Cosmo Cricket and it's called Lime Rickey.

Can you tell that I've loved on this Scenic Route die cut alpha?
Finally I had this Simple Stories alpha and word sheet, I bought it last summer when the little blocking alphas were really starting to come out and for some reason I stuck it in my alpha storage and haven't used it...till now that is!

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Penny said...

Julia, I LOVED your choices of paper and supplies! I had watched the first video before but had not seen the others. Shimelle is so talented! Most of the videos don't load well on my net provider so it's a struggle for me to watch them. I can't wait to see your final layouts. You had asked a question on my blog so here is the answer:

"Will all of these pages be in one album?"
Yes, all but a few of these pages will be going in one gift album, that I'm giving to a dear friend of mine who does not scrap. That is why I chose this simple 4 block theme for these pages. I thought that style would be the easiest for her to actually put her photos on. Also since I don't know the size of her photo's this style leaves most of the page open to a lot of options, without covering up the page decorations, whether they are 4 x 6, 5 x 7, or for some even an 8 x 10. It's was a lot harder on me to make these without the photos than it would have been if I had the photos to pull the colors from and what sizes they would end up being. I tried to use colors that I thought she might use for her grand kids and family as that is her most photographed topics, and most of her grandchildren (and she has 9 bless her heart) are under age 8. (Now you know why she doesn't have time to scrap!) Thanks for asking, and commenting on my blog. Love Penny

Jennifer Smith Sloane said...

Seriously awesome kit. I see tons of great supplies in there and can't wait to see what you have created from them.

Margie said...

What a great summery kit!