Friday, May 18, 2012

Shimelle's Inspiration Layouts

So here are the 9 Layouts from the Inspired by Shimelle ChallengeLive. Teach. Create. challenge I love how they turned out. I'm not ashamed to say that I lifted most from Shimelle herself, but hey I figure if I'm going to learn to stretch and grow and pick up some new things for my own style then I ought to do whatever I can to learn how to do it, even if it means lifting the ideas from someone else! Be forewarned this is a long post because of all the photos.

On this layout I cut up several elements to make them stretch. The watch was originally attached to the left side of the card, so I cut it off and added it to the right side of the page. I cut out 3 flowers from the flower paper to use as embellishments and the little red strip below the right picture is actually part of the paper identifier. I used a couple splatters of glimmer mist, I wish I had chosen a different color on this Kraft background to make it pop a little more.

Close up of top of page.

I had this leftover bling piece in my pearl elements, it's been there forever and I'm glad I finally found a layout to use it on. I didn't realize until I started working on this layout that my sticker sheet didn't have any more A's so I had to make one out of an upside down V and the bottom of the number 1. I originally wanted to use the red die cut alpha here, but it just wouldn't fit.

Close up of bottom right.

Close up of left side of page.

I love this layout, of course I love the photo of my mom and auntie so no matter what the paper looks like I think I would still love it!

Close up of upper right corner. I cut out those little words from a border strip and I stamped instant memories onto the journal spot.

Close up of top left corner. I didn't have enough S's for sister's so I cut the #8 into an S.

More splatters of glimmer mist here, I love how they look on this page. The little spotted trim piece was off the sticker sheet and the bling came off the roll just like that, in a double strand.

I did lots of surgery on this layout! I cut out the center of the background dot paper and the center of the brown cardstock. I was pretty worried initially because of how flimsy the layout felt, but once I sewed the flowers on I think it will be fine.

Upper left corner. I cut out a small section of my lined paper to use for journaling here.

Right side of layout. I used one of those bazzill stitching stencils to punch holes for the flower and then added a pearl embellishment to the center.

bottom right corner. I had cut off part of a journal/embellishment square from a previous layout and I kept it because I thought I could journal a date or something, I ended up adding a word sticker to it.

Doesn't that title look purple? It does to me! Ha, I ran out of S's so I cut a number 8 into an S and I was out of A's so I used another V and the bottom of a 1.

So this is another layout that I wish I had used a different color glimmer mist on. There's so much I love about this layout though, it's so simple yet the details just pop! Thank you Shimelle for the inspiration.

I used another bazzill stencil to punch holes for the word Papaw.

I used 3 different border strips to make this small section, I just taped them all together on the back before gluing them down. As for the that bling on the left, it's been in my stash for several years. I bought the package for one of the bling elements and the rest has just been there waiting to be used and I finally used it all up on this and one other layout.

On my sticker sheet I had a round sticker so I used that to mask for the spray, I really wish I had cut out circles to do that with since I really wish I had had that sticker for my last layout of the day. I popped up the 3 stickers on this page with foam pop dots.
What's not precious about that silly little face? I love this child!!!

 I didn't have an R for this title so I used the letter P and the tail off the Q. I cut out the little circle flower and leave to add to this layout and I stamped the little flourish on the upper left corner. I added another cut out word from a border strip.

More cut outs with a touch of bling added.

I love that this challenge has inspired me to use things I normally wouldn't even consider using, like manufacturer strip wording.

I originally sprayed nearly the entire background with glimmer mist and did not like how it looked, so I artfully disguised it with lots of paper pieces except for this little bit in the lower left corner.

Here's another one that I love! I love that background paper. I was really afraid to use it because it was so bold, but I finally took a leap of faith and just did it!

Upper left corner, I took the dotted paper past the background border paper but not all the way to the edge of the background cardstock, I've repeated this 2 more times; once on the right side of the paper and also on the bottom right.  The little flower is one leftover from the border strip I used earlier, I just cut off the edging around it.

Right side. Here you can see the little ticket cut out goes out beyond the patterned background but not all the way to the edge of the cardstock. I cut more words out of the border strips and I cut my bling strip in half to give me single line pieces to add to each cluster. The little tab embellishment on the right is cut down from a larger journal/title card that I just wanted to add to this layout.

that little yellow strip is from the manufacture edge of one of the papers and that little flower is another border strip section.

I guess with the orange on this layout the title looks a little less purple, that's another #8 cut into an S.

Top Right corner.

I used the washi tape for journal strips and the typewriter is cut from a border strip.

Here's another little flower from the border strip and that little white phrase at the bottom of the picture is also from the manufacturers edge.

I really didn't have any idea what to mask in this corner so I thought why not get some use out of that film strip stamp. There was one camera on the sticker sheet and I actually found a small cut out in the bottom of my scrap bag of another stamped cameras. I spent several hours stamping and cutting out cameras to use as a recurring embellishment on another project that I will be working on this summer.

I used the zig zag tip of my sew easy tool along the edge of the washi tape. It's getting easier and easier to use that thing and keep it semi straight. I popped up the camera with foam squares.

I popped up the retro embellishment on foam squares.

I used the other half of the tab embellishment here.

OK, so my sewing didn't go sew straight here! I didn't even consider it till right now, but the journal letters actually match our clothes...Ha!!

Here's the final layout, I wasn't sure about all those strips, but I really love the look of this one!

I used the final little flower here from the border strip.

I used several stickers in with the strips to give some added dimension.

I originally wanted to use an off white or white  piece behind the photo to make it look more like a Polaroid but I had a small piece of the yellow left and it did the trick.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Dang woman - I don't scrap that many layouts in a year! :) You've been busy. They are just great. I wish I could be productive like that. Life always seems to get in the way. Good for you getting all those done! Go girl. Go girl.

sutty said...

wow how many pages :) They are beautiful I love all the colour and the paint and the sewing they are great.

Jennifer Grace said...

Wow, so many lovely pages! I like all the different patterned papers you've used, and all the bling looks great! x

Alinor said...

Great layouts, I have a real crush on the 'Papaw' one, simple but so beautiful! Congrats for this challenge

Madeline said...

Such fabulous details...stitching, misting, stamping! Great pages!