Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Reunion

So here is the first layout from my May CKC kit...kit 1 that is! LoL!! I went a little crazy and counterfieted all 5 inspiration kits for the month. I even went so far as to pull paper that matched the back sides of the inspiration paper, though it wasn't my focus to use that up, it was a tremendous help just having a few extra options. I am actually still working out of these kits, they are still all stored together and sitting on the table in my scraproom, I hope to make several more layouts from them. My main focus for these kits was to scrapbook my 2011 Family Reunion photos and by golly...I got 'er done! I took all of my kits and photos with me to the GASC during the first weekend in June, that's actually when I got these done. I have now started using other photos to use up the remainder of my kit since I have been home.

So here's a link to my May Kits, remember there are 5 of them scattered over 2 posts, and there are tons and tons of pictures.

Layout 1 / Kit 1

I really didn't have plans to use any blue on this layout until I started laying out the photos and realizd my Auntie and cousin both had on that lovely shade of tiffany I felt to kind of balance that out I would put a few blue flowers around the entire grouping. The blue flowers and the word family came out of some random stickers that I also brought with me to use for just in case, sure glad I did! Oh did I mention that this is an Allison Davis sketch? It is, I love her sketches!!

The work family was actually in the sticker pack with the flowers and the Reunion letters were from kit 3. I just love how all 5 kits flowed together and believ me, I intermixed ALOT!!

So there you have layout 1 and it's details.

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Patricia said...

Great 2 pager! I really love that floral strip of paper and how many photos you used!Great job!

ScrappnBee said...

Great LO! Love all the photos and how well you mixed the kits! Thanks for sharing -Amanda

S said...

Lovely 2 page spread. I just used that exact same yellow and brown floral paper on a gift bag. I can't wait to see what else is coming - I mean 5 kits worth - cool!

Rebecca at How I Burb said...

Great 2 pages, and way to go with using the kits you made in May!