Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's gonna be a bright....

This is a layout that I made using a sketch from Page Maps Blog. It was actually a challenge sketch,  I didn't upload to the challenge but I just had to use the sketch!
This is also a layout I made using my August CKC kit.
I know the photos are a little dated, they are from February of this year and boy how time has flown, little Zoë is going to start high school next week and Cameron will graduate from college soon...LoLoL!!! Ok so that might be a little extreme! But they have grown soo much since these photos were taken, Zoë will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks and Cameron has shot up about 2 or 3 inches this summer (sure seems like that!).

This is one of the cut outs from the free printables I printed. I used the washi tape to make a flower stem and leaves.  

I zig zag stitched down the edge of the blue jean paper.

The tickets are printables.

And finally a little orange sentiment sticker.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas Mini's in progress

So this year for Christmas I decided to make 3 small 5x7 mini flip albums using scarps. So I found a color scheme I loved (sorry no link for it since I tossed the paper I printed it on after I pulled all my scraps), pink, green and brown and then pulled from my scrap hoard! LoL!! I even pulled a few sheets of 12x12 paper from my stash in the color areas I felt I didn't have enough of.  I then proceeded to cut and ink and glue until I had a nice tidy pile of layouts. I have worked on these for the last several weeks whenever I have had the time. I have even sat with dh in the living room and worked on them while he watched TV.
On the layout that I didn't put a frame around I figured either the recipient can cut the pictures to the cream border or cut them a little smaller for a cream frame. I might have to get a little ruler, cutter and glue to go with a couple of these albums!

I got my old coluzzle out, of course I use it all the time!

for the circle photo I cut out a the next smaller circle to use as a template for the space so they can either cut to the edge of the cream or one size smaller to leave a cream frame.

The scallopy paper was a piece that was left over from a kit so NO I didn't cut that out that way.

I used lots of smaller often do you take pictures that you get soo much random stuff in and you really only want a tiny portion of the picture. This way the recipients can cut and crop down to smaller sizes

If you have followed me for any length of time or have seen any of my work from other sites before I started blogging you might recognize lots of these scraps.
I will have more to come in the following weeks since each mini album has 24 pages.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scraps for project life....

I have struggled to use more of my scraps like I'm sure many people do. I finally broke down and cut most of them into 4x6 pieces with the intent to use them for project life next year. I kept all the larger pieces of cardstock and some of the pattern paper that I know I will pull out and use but the rest was fair game. I didn't take any before pictures or pictures of the trash pile but I did take several pictures of the completed project. 

Really they are lined up in color order.

Side view, you can see some stacks are much larger than others.

Just had to get an even closer view.

Final product is 8 inches worth of 4x6 scraps. Each color grouping is patterned paper followed by cardstock. I bought this little basket at target a while ago, I had planned to do this earlier in the summer but just got too overwhelmed with school and life to get it done till now.
I made colored tabs for each  color section.

Here's a better view of the tabs, the only other thing I've been thinking about doing is making holiday tabs.

I have been thinking about doing a project life album next year and just can't wrap my brain around buying more I thought I would cut up all my scraps now and start making different elements to use in it. I figure it may work out better to get as much done before the end of the year as possible since I will be doing my clinical hours, taking classes and working full time starting in January.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

project life organization

I've been sorting and cleaning and doing a little reorganizing. I've put all of my small paper pads together so that when January rolls around I will have them all handy in one place to make doing project life easier.
As you can see above and below I have 6x6 and 4.5x6 paper pads in this basket.

This is a cute little box that I bought at HL to hold some of my PL stuff! I went through all of my white paper scraps and cut all of them down to 3x4 cards, I didn't count but I thinks it's about 2.5 inches high. the little green basket is from target dollar spot and I figure it can hold random labels and bags, just random stuff!
I even tossed in tome 4x6 index cards that I found when I cleaned out one of my office drawers.
I still have lots of sorting to do but it's coming together.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Father & Sons

This is the first layout I've posted from my August Counterfeit Kit Challenge. I had planned to put together a kit for September but I made the one for August so big that I am still making layouts from it, though I am getting close to the end.
This layout is based on a sketch from Sketchabilities. I think it was from a design team call challenge. Of course I didn't enter it, who has the time? 
Not me!!!
That's for sure!
My father in law, my brother in law and my husband; the only boy missing was my brother in law Steven.

I even got to incorporate two different stamped sentiments on this layout.

I love that I got to use some more of the clouds that I cut out several months ago for another CKC kit. I am also happy that I was able to use that little die cut sun from an old swap from years ago.

I also cut out borders from all types of green scrap paper several months ago to just play with and of course when I finished playing with them I didn't throw out the leftovers, I just incorporated them into my stash. For this kit, I pulled out several of those borders and was able to use a couple here.

Love these little flag pennants, they were from a prize package I won this summer from a challenge site.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Day at 6 Flags Over Texas

Today I am showing the other layout I made from the class I attended in 2011. For these layouts the only thing I added were the title, the date and the journaling. Not as many photos today, only 11 for both pages.
The absolute best thing about taking these layouts out of my unfinished layout album is that all I had to do was add pictures!

That's it for today!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

6 Flags Fun Day here is a cheater from over a year ago, I call it a cheater because I did the base layout a while ago and all I had to do to finish it was add photos. I went to a class at the GASC in 2011 that was based on Ali Edwards design guidelines. These layouts stayed in my unfinished layouts album until just a couple of weeks ago. I finally decided to take the album out and start finding some photos to put on the layouts. I don't think the design was for soo many photos, but I figured what the heck, these are my layouts and I can put as many photos as I want on them.
So....I did!!!
16 photos on both pages!!!

I didn't do any extra embellishing, I only added the title and completed the journaling.

That's it for today!
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bear hugs/fun with pooh--unfinished

Back in June I went to the GASC in Arlington, TX. I shopped and shopped and shopped and I even went to some of the classes they offered and did some scrapping as well.
These layouts are from a class I attended sponsored by The Whole Kit & Kaboodle, we did the bear hugs page in the class and I just finished the fun with pooh page earlier this month.
These layouts will go into my unfinished pages album with my other Disney layouts...for my sometime in the future trip to Disney!

I love that Andrea (the owner/designer of The Whole Kit & Kaboodle) is a cricut amazon!!! She uses cricuts to manufacture so many of her page kits so if you don't have a cricut no she shows you how to incorporate several other elements into her layouts.

The brown and red hexagons are lifted using craft foam, she cuts it out with her cricut and it's tons cheaper than using pop dot foam squares.

The little yellow bling is part of a large bling swirl that we cut up to use in various areas of the layout.

Used the craft foam under this title as well. I also love how she mixes her fonts for titles.

That's it for today!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

June Calendars

Here are calendar pages for June to be used in 4 separate Christmas calendars.
Can you tell I dove into my red scrap bin and embellishment bin?
Now for the close ups...

The title was a complete accident...don't you love it when that happens?
I used my quickutz to cut out the letters for June with some bazzill bling scraps.
The letters were just too small to use for the titles but as I was gathering up the negative pieces one fell onto the layout and I thought....
That Works there!
There ya go...a happy accident!
Have you ever had something like that happen when you were scrapping?
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family First Friends Always

This is it, the final layout from my family reunion photos...till the next time I get to a family reunion anyway!
As you can see the background paper is pretty wild with lots of colors, I pulled most of the other colors that I used from that.

The chipboard friend title piece has been in my stash for a very long time!

I love all the layering here. I turned a library card journal spot on it's side as the base and used a couple of tags as well as the little stamped embellishment that I made a while ago.

I added a little pearly bling to the bottom just for some extra texture.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Play with Zena

Last week I showed a layout that I made using leftover journal spots.
This week I have one that uses leftover pattern paper with the same pattern.
I remember making the other layout for a challenge over at Scrap~n~Chat and then worried that it was so different that it might not fit the parameters of the challenge, so I made this one.
Now ask me if I ever posted the layout to that challenge?

That cut out letter D started to go on a different layout, but it didn't work like I wanted it to so back into my stash it went, only to be pulled out several more times without being used. It finally found a home on this layout.

I layered letter sticker on top of this rub-on embellishment as well as added some pearly bling to the flowers.

More epoxy embellishments that have been in my stash forever!

Here's a close up of that darling letter D!

A pearly flourish added some oomph to the right side.

I outlined the pale grey alpha and the small yellow alpha, not sure I like the outcome so much, it looks a little sloppy to me, but at least you can see the letters better.

Don't you just love that look of complete adoration?
That dog thinks Mr Gulley created the world!!

Just for comparison, I put both layouts together so you could see the similarities and the differences.
I must say I like them both but I really like the one on the left.
I wonder if it's because it was such a stretch for me to complete!
That's it for today!
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