Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas Mini's in progress

So this year for Christmas I decided to make 3 small 5x7 mini flip albums using scarps. So I found a color scheme I loved (sorry no link for it since I tossed the paper I printed it on after I pulled all my scraps), pink, green and brown and then pulled from my scrap hoard! LoL!! I even pulled a few sheets of 12x12 paper from my stash in the color areas I felt I didn't have enough of.  I then proceeded to cut and ink and glue until I had a nice tidy pile of layouts. I have worked on these for the last several weeks whenever I have had the time. I have even sat with dh in the living room and worked on them while he watched TV.
On the layout that I didn't put a frame around I figured either the recipient can cut the pictures to the cream border or cut them a little smaller for a cream frame. I might have to get a little ruler, cutter and glue to go with a couple of these albums!

I got my old coluzzle out, of course I use it all the time!

for the circle photo I cut out a the next smaller circle to use as a template for the space so they can either cut to the edge of the cream or one size smaller to leave a cream frame.

The scallopy paper was a piece that was left over from a kit so NO I didn't cut that out that way.

I used lots of smaller often do you take pictures that you get soo much random stuff in and you really only want a tiny portion of the picture. This way the recipients can cut and crop down to smaller sizes

If you have followed me for any length of time or have seen any of my work from other sites before I started blogging you might recognize lots of these scraps.
I will have more to come in the following weeks since each mini album has 24 pages.
Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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gale said...

Great pages. A mini flip album is such a great gift idea. And a great way to use up some scraps.