Monday, September 24, 2012

project life organization

I've been sorting and cleaning and doing a little reorganizing. I've put all of my small paper pads together so that when January rolls around I will have them all handy in one place to make doing project life easier.
As you can see above and below I have 6x6 and 4.5x6 paper pads in this basket.

This is a cute little box that I bought at HL to hold some of my PL stuff! I went through all of my white paper scraps and cut all of them down to 3x4 cards, I didn't count but I thinks it's about 2.5 inches high. the little green basket is from target dollar spot and I figure it can hold random labels and bags, just random stuff!
I even tossed in tome 4x6 index cards that I found when I cleaned out one of my office drawers.
I still have lots of sorting to do but it's coming together.
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gale said...

Great storage ideas. I recently bought a bunch of bins, not knowing what to use them for. I figure when I need a bin, it'll be handy. And if I don't use them for my craft stuff I can always use extra organization under my bathroom sinks.