Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zoë Meets Ted--August CKC

This layout was inspired by a sketch at Sketch'n'Scrap and it used paper and embellishments from my August CKC kit.
I can't even begin to describe how special Ted is, he was my youngest son Jason's bestest buddy when he was a baby and toddler...ok through age 7 or 8...LoL!!! We didn't go anywhere without Ted and we for sure didn't sleep at night without Ted. When Ted's music box stopped working it took about 3 weeks for Jason to learn to go to sleep without it...miserable time for everyone! I remember the day he came home from school and asked me if he was a baby because he still slept with his Ted Bear? My heart broke a little that day and I told he absolutly not! But after that Ted found his way into my bed to sleep with me more nights than not. He lived on my bedside table for years and years and finally made it into the top of the closet when Jason reached his teenage years. I've pulled him down many, many, many times over the years when life has been overwhelming just for the safety and security his presence has offered. So when Jason and wife Misty produced little Zoë it felt natural to pull Ted out of the closet and get him all spruced up for another round of infant/toddler/child loving!

I was able to layer several border in this layout, the yellow one has been in my stash for years and years.

Lots of layering here with journal spots. I like the look of the outlined letters but I haven't gotten very good at it, I still make some mess-ups.

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gale said...

This is adorable. At first, I thought Ted was the man in the pic. lol. Then after reading more I realized I was wrong. What a sweet story!

Roxy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Your layout is gorgeous, and I love the story - reminds me of my 10 yr. old son with his special blanket! It is little more than a rag now, but he still sleeps with it every night!