Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Life Week #2

Here is PL Week #2
As you can see, if you checked out last weeks PL spread, I only have 2 types of page protectors and they are the 6 vertical and 6 horizontal spreads. Other than the page protectors I can't honestly say I have bought anything else specifically for project life. I have tried to use bits and pieces that I already have to store and organized for it. And I am using my picture mate that I got In 2011 to print out the pictures for it. It feels awesome to finally be using that little machine! I know I am rather slow in utilizing what I already have, but I am trying to be better!!

This is the left side and as you can tell, I've added some more journaling this week, I really want to add more journaling, but it's not coming easily when I am putting the layouts together. I keep notes during the week but it seems like after I have my layout all planned out then I think of the more in depth stories I want to tell. Oh well, I'll do that here for now until I get better at doing it in my PL album.

Here is the right side, now for some close ups of the individual pockets. This week I used a 4x6 paper pad from DCWV called Linen Closet. It's been in my stash for several years, I bought it with a purpose, to make a mini album, but that never happened so it's just been hanging out in my stash.

I found some old flower stickers left in one of my sticker files and decided to add them to this layout since there are lots of blue and white this week.

The top journaling is done with a chipboard piece with cut arrows from a role of washi tape, and the jornaling is done on a sticker from SEI. And yes that is typewriter journaling. My son had an old Smith Corona typewriter that he was planning to get rid of and I bought it off him for $40. I still have to do some cleaning and oiling because a few letters stick. It's so fun to be typing on an old machine again, it's the same type I learned to type on, just a little smaller.
I worked on organizing my stamps this week, I already had them divided out but when I pulled a set out I couldn't always remember where to put it back, you'll see a little farther down how I addressed that issue.

These are the 2 stairwells that I use when I work, the top one is very plain with soft yellow paint, very utilitarian! The other stairwell is painted with underwater scenes on each level, you can see looking down and then again looking up. I work in a hospital that has 10 floors and I have to round on each floor throughout the night, I typically start on the first floor and climb up one level at a time, unless someone calls me and I have to veer from my path and then I might climb 3 or 4 flights to reach my destination. I do allot of singing in these stairwells, whistling and even grumbling when things don't go how I want them too.

Years ago when the school of nursing was right next to the hospital, the student nurses would leave their dorm and come into the hospital where this mirror is located. It's about 12 feet high and 4 foot wide with an elaborate frame around it. It's my understanding that each student nurse had to check their appearance in this mirror before going further into the hospital. Now it's just a novelty of bygone years. During my last night shift as I was rounding I decided to take a picture of myself in the mirror since no one was around, during the day there is always someone in that hallway so there is no chance for self portraits then. 
The photo shows the divider I created for my stamps as well as how I labeled the stamps so that I could ensure that they went back into the appropriate divided section. I saw this idea on someone else's blog but I have no idea who or when it was.

I wish I had another picture for this spot or that I had done more journaling for it, but it is what it is now.

This is just a mundane day in my life, ironing uniforms for work. I iron in the bedroom so that I can have the TV on and I will usually catch up on Joel Osteen programs while I am ironing.

I love a beautiful sunset and in west Texas it's not too difficult to see one. As a matter of fact they usually happen every night. I don't always see sunrises since I have typically been too busy at work or I have slept through them.

Here is Mr Gulley taking down the Christmas tree. This photo shows the top portion already off and him taking down the middle section, it's quite the beast to put up and take down since it is 10 feet tall and weighs over 100 pounds in the box.

Here he it contemplating putting it back in the box, we laugh every year, that it came out of that box and it fits back into it.

I intended to work out every day this week using this video, I was still too sick at the start of the week and when I finally did the workout on Thursday, I could hardly move the rest of the week. I think I will have to be a little slower at working my way into this video.

Here's the tree all boxed up with years of duct tape on it, Mr Gulley occasionally pulls off the old stuff after it's old and crusty and won't stick any more. He's such a great guy!!!
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These look great! I am terrible about journaling. If I did one of these, it would have very little. lol