Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Life

For 2013 I have decided to do Project Life, what is that you ask...Becky Higgins explains it way better than I could even attempt to, so hit the link and listen to her explanations.

I have decided not to order her product and instead use my own stash, I have soo much stuff I can't justify buying more stuff in order to do this project for the next year. I have an album from CTMH that is called a Work-in-Progress album, it's a 3 ring album that comes with a cover, if that makes since. I bought the Hobby Lobby brand of page protectors, I have the vertical and horizontal type, I just cut my papers in the middle section to look similar to the BH type page protectors. Nothing fancy here, just simple!
2013 Title Page
The title page isn't complete, I still need to add some pictures of Gary and I.

This will be an on-going album so I will be posting updates pretty frequently.
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gale said...

I love it so far. Great mix of papers and I really like the pennants.