Saturday, February 16, 2013

January Books

I have a little notebook that I have spent time keeping up with the books that I have read, but I don't always remember to write them down. I was also keeping up with movies I watched as well, but well....I've fallen behind, like 2 years behind! LoL!! I've realized that I am much better at blogging so I thought I would add books and movies to my blog.

I haven't read romance novels in years and years but when I got a weekly email just after school was done last semester for 99¢ deals I thought what the heck! I downloaded it to my kindle app and realized that it was the first in a series, doesn't that figure! LoL!!!

5 books for January and none so far for February! LoL!! But I guess that's what happens when school starts back.
Thanks for visitin my blog today. 

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Jennifer Grace said...

Looks good! It's both annoying and exciting when you realise you've started reading a series, isn't it? The annoying thing is when you find out the series got cancelled halfway through, when you've already read a few of the books. That happened to me recently!

I am re-reading Harry Potter for about the 10th time at the moment. It's always a good curl-up series for me! x