Sunday, February 3, 2013

January CKC kit leftovers

Here's the link to my January CKC kit, I think I officially killed this kit...

This is it for the pattern paper! Not much, huh? Nearly all of it went into the trash with the exception of a few of the larger pieces.

These are the little bits and pieces along with the pattern paper leftovers, not much left of those either. There was very little left to go back into my stash, but go back in it did! 

Here's all the leftover stickers. I used tons of them but there is still lots left so they went back into my Christmas stash.

I cut apart my letter sticker sheets and all by the musical letters (far left) went back into my stash in the correct color group. I used tons of the yellow glitter letters, I guess I need to figure out what I can do with the leftovers...

These are the remainders of the cut apart strip sheet and the journal card sheet, along with the other leftover borders in the 2 packages. I finished cutting apart everything and put everything together.
Here's the stack, 10 cards and 10 layouts, not bad for the month!
How did you do this month, did you make a CKC kit, if so how many layouts did you get done?
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Sue Althouse said...

Woh, that is awesome! You certainly made the most of this kit and looks like you have some wonderful cards and layouts!