Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Life Week #5

I used my February CKC Irish Soul kit to complete week 5 and I must say it is my favorite so far, I'm calling this layout #7 from my CKC kit. I think I'm finally getting into the groove of figuring out what I want PL to be and how I want to present it.
I didn't add a whole lot to my kit, just some stickers, labels and a couple of sticker tabs. I still feel like I didn't get enough photos for the week, but I am happy with how I used the ones that I did get.

I used lots of paper scraps from my February Irish Soul kit.

I love that I used lots of washi tape as well.

I have been inspired by Michelle Wooderson over at Mish Mash Blog, I love her PL style and how she used so many different techniques for her PL. As you can see I had to be creative here for the K, I didn't realize I didn't have one, so I cut out the negative space left by the K. I even got out my typewriter to do my week in review and used my stamps.

I didn't do much here, just layered a couple of stickers to put the date on.

I cut some paper scraps to make the banner on the right side and then placed a sticker from the CTMH sticker sheet in my kit.

I added the phrase sticker on the right from an assortment of stickers I have pulled out for PL.

I pulled out a sentiment stamp set for the get well phrase and then I used my tiny attacher to mount the tab to the photo.

I finally used that little green strip, I've pulled it for several kits and have put it back at the end of the month each time. It's been in my use it of toss it bowl for a couple of months. The phrase is a little sticker left on one of my random sticker sheets.

I used an arrow to place the date and a little piece of washi tape to accent it.

This was a pre-printed  sticker tab that I used my tiny attacher to attach it to the photo.

I layered a random sticker with a white fancy cut square that I cut in half and then used my tiny attacher to secure it on the left. I used a journal cut out on top of a blank white journal card for the right side since the journal cut out was too small for the space. I used my typewriter to journal.

I stamped the lines on this fancy cut rectangle, I realized I didn't do such a great job with either lining up the lines or with the typewriting. I still don't have the hang of that typewriter yet, but I'm getting better. I just need to order a new ribbon.

I found a pack of Recollection labels at Michael's and typed my journaling on it and then added it to the photo.

I cut another of the fancy cut squares in half and added a small journal spot. I love that Uncle Sam image that I found on the Internet.

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glorygirl said...

Wow! You've included so many great details in these pages! Way to go! I can sympathize with you on tax season and flu season. Yuck to both!

Chipper said...

Goodness! You have put so much on that double page. PL scares me as I don't think I could fill a double with one week. I have considered doing it with a double for each month but haven't taken the plunge yet.

Lisa said...

my PL kit arrived last week and I have to admit to being too scared to break into it yet! love what you are doing here to capture your week. the extra touches you have added really enhance the design