Saturday, March 16, 2013

January / February Christmas Calendars

Every year I make calendars for Christmas and for the last several years I have been trying to make a couple of pages each month to prevent having soo many to make in December, the same thing I've been doing with Christmas cards too! Anyway.... I decided to use my paper stacks this year, a different one for each month.

January 8x8 calendar pages. I used a DCWV glitter stack  for these and there are 3 of each design, I try and make it simple by using the same layout for each calendar since I am making soo many.

As if 4 isn't enough, I decided to make a 5th one this year, a 12x12 for me. By the end of the year I might decide to make it a gift as well...LoL!!!
I added a few more flowers but overall kept the same design.

Ugh...that glitter paper is rough on the trimmer blades and I chewed up 2 blades going through all that glitter paper for these 2 months.
For February I used another paper stack, this one also by DCWV and it's also a glittered stack.
These are 8x8 and are a scaled down version of the 12x12 I made, I didn't modify the top left one enough, but I used glue dots to secure it and i wasn't about to tear it up to pull them up.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the month title in 2 different colors so I could off set them for added texture. i also fussy cut those swirley thingies and chopped up some bling flourishes to add.

After trimming up all the papers for the smaller layouts I decided to go with the chopped up look for this one, I was at the end of my 2nd blade and just let it chew up the edges. I went over them even more with the edge of my scissors to give a more distressed look.

Do you make calendars for Christmas gifts?

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Madeline said...

Nice that you are so ahead of the game with Christmas!