Friday, May 31, 2013

My Baby Brother....

I had to stop calling Kenneth my little brother many years ago and he outgrew me! But I never stopped thinking of him in those terms!
My little brother died on Monday May 27 and his funeral is today.
Not many people knew my brother very well. He was very quiet and kept to himself. He wasn't one to open up to people and share his life stories. When he was a teenager he left home, he spent many years away from us and during that time he grew from a teenager to a man. He kept in touch by phone when went out to live his life and came home for random short stays. Until 5 years ago when his daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer. He came home to help our mom care and nurse his daddy until his death. After his daddy died I really thought he would leave again, but he didn't! He felt like it was time to stay and get to know his family. He has been by our mom's side for the past 5 years, helping with anything and everything she ever needed help with. He called or went by Papaw Smith's house every day, to either chat or do whatever handy work Papaw needed done (remember Papaw is 91 years old). His generous heart didn't stop with his family, he was always willing to help friends and neighbors do whatever they needed done. In 5 short years, Kenneth stayed to get to know his family and we all learned what type of man he was...kind, generous, funny and good hearted!!
When he was younger and out living his life, I never counted on hearing from him on a regular basis and even after he moved back to mom's he still wasn't one to call on a regular basis. But randomly and out of the blue he would call and spend an hour or more on the phone asking about everything that was going on in my life and I still had to drag and pull information from him about what was going on in his life. But that's the man Kenneth was, always more interested in others, more so than himself.

I don't know when the ache is going to stop in my heart or when I will begin to heal from this tragedy! But until then I will let the posts that are already scheduled post but you may not see or hear from me for awhile, or I might feel the need to scrap like crazy, I don't know right now. I do know that there is such a huge crater in my heart and life right now that just remaining upright is about all I can do for the moment!


Chris Webb (ScrapConcepts) said...

I can't even imagine your pain. My brother is one of my absolute best friends. I hope the support you and your family give each other helps as much as possible while you all cope.

Debbie P said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I'm so glad that your brother was there these last few years. Stay strong and know that people do care. Hugs!!

Joey said...

Great pic of you two :)