Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Birthday Present

Happy Birthday to me!!!

There is a very expensive little garden store in Lubbock called Holland Gardens, it has fabulous lawn/patio furniture and all types of decor for the outdoors.

Last spring we went in there looking for a new porch swing (glider).
I found the perfect one, the only problem was that with the fees to put the silly thing together it was over $300.
I'm no adverse to spend some money on patio furniture but not that much!!!!
So we didn't buy anything...
This spring we go in and have a look around the store again and they still have the same swing and it's still going to cost over $300 to take it home.
Of course Mr Gulley looked at the price tag and said No Way, No How!!!

I think on my next set of days off I am going to scour the city of Lubbock and find me a swing but in the meantime I have to work and work and work!
I came home the other night and he was a bit antsy, I went through my normal routine when I get home from work and he was patiently waiting until he couldn't stand it anymore...

He came in the kitchen and turned on the patio light and drug me out the back door to see this, the swing from Holland Gardens!

I couldn't believe that he spent that much money on me and I told him so, well he fluffed up like a prize peacock and informed me that he had saved a bundle of money by finding it online, having it sent to the house and putting it together himself!

He hunted and searched online until he found the exact one for half the cost literally, to ship it to the house for him to put together it cost about $150.

So Happy Birthday to me from my wonderful husband!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

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