Thursday, February 6, 2014

February CKC--For the Love of Scrapbooking

Ok. So February is a very short month and I have 2 papers to write, one due in a couple of weeks and only partially done, so what's a girl to do? Make the biggest darn kit I can make this month!!! Yeppers...that's what this girl did! My wonderful sister reminded me that we both had a kit from last year's SEI February Kit Club. Untouched mind you! So out came that kit...

Of course I had to add in some cardstock...
How did I come up with the selections for the cardstock? Well that cute patterned paper there on the front

And of course I don't just have girls to scrapbook so I thought I would add in some other papers from my stash, not that the kit didn't have enough (I only pulled out one paper each from the paper stack that had 2 of each design). I went through several paper stack that I have along with several 4x6 and 6x6 paper stacks.
Once I had all these extra colors and patterns I of course needed to add additional alphabets, so into my alpha collection to pick out tons of alphas, I will admit that not all of these made it into the final cut for the kit, but most of them did!

Ok so the alphas added tons more color! Right?!?!

After discussing all the elements I haven't been adding to my kits in the last months (yes I did make several over the last month and am still using them up) I decided to dive into my metal, wood veneer, bling and chipboard drawers that are right beside my desk and was able to pull out tons from there as well...

 Again, I'll remind you that not all of these elements made it into my final kit, I just like to pull tons of selections to see what feels right...I know....It all felt somewhat right!!!

Next my sister and I talked about our color bins. I am a color scrapper, when I look for something to add to a page I typically think of the element by color. So out came the color bins and I have to tell you there was still so much I didn't pull out of those, it's insane how some colors are so easy to love!!!
So I didn't pull many gold elements, only because I don't have that many and same with yellow, only a little was pulled from that bin so I added in all the paints and glitter glue and liquid pearls I pulled. Plus some random border strips that live on top of my desk
Next came green, disclaimer here...I love green! but I didn't overdo it on the green only because there wasn't much in the original kit to begin with...

On to pink and another disclaimer here...this is my fullest color bin...yeppers pink happens to be my favorite color! Plus I have 2 grand daughters and a 3rd on the way...

Since the original kit had some black/grey elements I thought I had better go through my black/grey bin and add a few bits and pieces from there...
Finally how could I go through the month of February without getting into my red bin....
Finally there were quite a few transparencies and I pulled tons from my color bins but I noticed I didn't have anything specifically for Valentine's day, so out came the transparencies and some higher quality photo paper, add in an internet search and I ended up with these...
So that's it, that's everything (or mostly everything) in my February CKC kit. Because my hubby and I aren't that mushy and don't typically do anything special for Valentine's day I thought I would name my kit something I do get mushy over
For the Love of Scrapbooking!
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PS...I don't think I will be discussing my counterfeit kit with my sister next month!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas 2011-Rock Stars

This layout was inspired by Sketch Inspiration #350, unfortunately I can't link you to the sketch because the blog owner has taken the blog down and there isn't any way to access the sketches anymore. But no one can say I didn't give credit!

I actually made this layout last January, it's from Christmas 2011 and I thought since I just finished up doing a month of mostly Christmas layouts you wouldn't mind seeing a few more, hence the last few days of older Christmas layouts.

I am hoping to how you my February Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit tomorrow, but until then follow the link and head over there and look around. If you haven't built a counterfeit kit before you really should give it a try, especially if you have a large amount of stash like most of us do!

Sorry about the fuzzy photo here.

Love that red and gold washi tape. The music paper is a soft sheet of paper, not quite tissue but not quite fabric either...very much like a very thick paper towel!

The strip with More Jolly by Golly is actually a branding strip. Love getting to use those little pieces!

Really old elf sticker here.

I cut some bits of scraps to use along the backside of the photo for some added dimension.

I love these 2 and I really love how that music paper adds so much to this Rock Star layout!
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas 2011-Wishes

This layout was inspired by a December 2012 PageMaps Sketch. These pictures are from 2011 and I actually made the layout in January of 2013. I sharing it today because I'm working on my new kit for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge! If you haven't been over there already, head that way and have a look around! I'm sure you will want to play once you check it out!

Pattern papers and tags are from SEI, journaling tags are RUK, and brads are from CTMH.

I even added in a couple of large green sequins.

I love to layer all types of elements and embellishments!

The little tag with the green and red stripes has been in my stash for years and years and years!
I get a real since of satisfaction when I use really old product on my layouts!!!
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmal 2011-Merry Christmas

This is Christmas 2011, this layout was inspired by a 1 page sketch from Allison Davis.

I actually made this layout last January and it's been sitting in my draft box since then. I thought I would share it today as I work on my new Counterfeit Kit for February. If you haven't been over there head that way and see what it's all about!!!
Lot's of SEI papers used on this layout.

Little bits from SEI here.

That's an old K&Co tag and I used some red sticker letters from Miss Elizabeth (Dollar Tree) on it.

I think those little dimensional package stickers are from recollections.

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