Saturday, December 13, 2014

Art Journal

I'm not entirely sure what to do with an art journal but everyone that I watch on you tube seems to have one.
I must say that I am very left brain (logical, OCD, I like math ok), scrapbooking is my attempt to allow my right brain (creative, flighty, artsy/fartsy) to work...I think I do fairly well with that! But that being said, my scrapbooking allows for lots of left brain antics like balance and get where I'm going with this right!
The whole concept of an art journal is total right brain to me, I have no idea what or how to work with it but I am going to try. Here are my first attempts, nothing glamorous here....
I have been playing around with one I bought recently. Basically I painted and stamped the background and then glued lots of randomness down.

I also spray misted a couple of pages, not sure where to go with these next, but I'm sure I will try something random on them...or maybe I will just glue in more randomness!!
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