Saturday, January 3, 2015

Meal Planning

I joined a Facebook group called Scrapping Off The Weight, I am determined to keep it clean this year and drop some of the weight that I gained the last couple of months in grad school.
One way to be sure that I am not eating tons of junk is to plan out my meals. I have done this for years and years.
First it was a way to be careful of our bi-weekly budget for food since we lived on a very small income and had very large bills. 
Then it became a way to budget time in my family, I would give my boys a day of the week that they were responsible for menu planning and preparing meals. Of course in the beginning we had cereal, PB&J and pizza but as they grew and learned to read and use recipes their menus began to expand.
Now it's a way to ensure that Mr. Gulley and I eat well and don't just junk out all the time, which is easy to do now that we are empty nesters.
I buy a simple planner, this one came from the dollar tree in August. I don't always plan out Breakfast (B), Lunch (L) and Supper (S) but because I was home this week and wanted to make some freezer meals, I did.
This week I focused on making breakfast foods for the freezer. I did make one supper meal, the beef Bolognese, with extra for the freezer. I made enough for dinner with leftovers and enough for 2 more meals, both of which went into the freezer.
8 crème Brule oatmeal cups
12 double scoop apple pecan pancakes
12 pieces of orange cinnamon French toast
3 bacon and egg English muffins
That's 35 breakfast meals people...
Anyway...I just thought I would share.
Thanks for visiting my blog today!!!

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