Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Are My Sunshine--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!
Today I am sharing a layout made  from my March 2015 CKC kit.
Yes that is a wild mushroom in the photos.
Ha, the kids don't think of it as a mushroom though, they actually think of it as a fairy seat, how fun is that.

Page Maps June 2007 12x12 Sketch
I used some bits f ribbon that I had in my kit to add texture to the layout.

I've had some of these layered up embellishments in my stash for years.

I actually took some gold paint and brushed it around the photos to give it a fairy quality. Looks much more charming in real life.
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Monday, June 29, 2015

This Week--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!!
I'm sharing another layout from my March 2015 CKC kit.
The kit used one of the older collections from CTMH as the basis for the kit and I added tons of embellishments from my stash.
I originally did this layout for a challenge at he Use Your Stuff Challenge Blog but didn't get it posted in time.
No sketch for this one...just my own imagination.

I cut this little section from a 3x4 pocket page card and placed it over the embossed clouds.

I also cut this from a 3x4 pocket page card.

I embossed the sentiment "you were born to fly" on the lower corner of this background paper, The title is cut from my silhouette and layered on an old journal card from CTMH.
Finally I mixed several fonts to create the journaling.
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cousins--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!!
I'm sharing another layout that I made using my March 2015 CKC kit.
These are my cousins who are themselves cousins...how fun is that?!?!

Page Maps October 2007 12x12 Sketch
I used a word card here for my title.

Some chipboard embellishments here.

And finally a 4x6 pocket page filler card here along with some additional embellishments.
If you look closely down the edge of the photo that is a border strip with a bit of pattern paper still attached that I used a scallop punch on.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cheater--So Much Fun

Hello Friends!!
Today I am sharing a layout that I made several years ago that I just added photos to recently.
I made it at a scrapbook convention that I went to about 4 or 5 years ago and it has lived in my unfinished album since then.
I have recently fallen in love with 2 page layouts again and I love that I had this one that I didn't have to think about and just add the photos to.
I love the subject content, Mr Gulley and myself along with all 4 of our grandees!

This is baby Ele, she was still a tiny little baby, like 4 or 5 months in this photo and she's a strapping 1.5 year old now. My oh My how she has changed. 
These are of Cameron, Shani and Zoë.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Beauty in Bloom--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!!
Here is another layout that I made using my March 2015 CKC kit.
The photo I of me and my grandee Zoë.
Pagemaps August 2007 8.5x11 Sketch
This is a 3x4 filler card that I used as my title card with some additional embellishments of course!

Lots of layering and using of multiple fonts here.
Finally I had this little card with something written in French, I have no idea what it says and I figure my family won't either...so I used it here...LoL!!
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pocket Pages--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!
I'm sharing more of the pocket pages I made with my March 2015 CKC kit, I obviously made tons and tons!!
Love how this layout came together!!

By the time this layout came together I had lots of scrap photos! LoL!! I had cut down several photos from previous layout and I didn't want to just toss out the off cuts. Plus I had several photos that had lots of stuff and backsides of people that I was able to cut down to make this layout.
I used 3 6x6 pattern papers to make the 4x6 filler cards for this layout and just dressed them up with some added embellishments.

I added a couple of filler cards for this layout with some additional embellishments added for texture.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hello Friends!!
You may remember this layout from several months ago, without the photos, that is!
I was putting layouts away recently and found this layout without photos and decided to go through my photos and found just the right ones for it.
This is my sweet grandee Ele, don't you just love those big blue eyes!!
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Flowers--Sweet Aubree--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!
I'm sharing a layout of my sweet niece's baby daughter Aubree.
I used my March 2015 CKC kit to create this layout.
As you can see I started off with a sketch, though it was an 8.5x11 sketch I don't usually let that stop me from making it my own and using it on a 12x12 layout.
Pagemaps January 2008 8.5x11 sketch

Lots of embellishments here and if you look closely you can see where I Frankensteined my alpha to create letters.

More floral embellishments and candy dots.

Even some bits of chipboard here.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Pocket Pages Smile--March 2015 CKC

Hello Friends!
I've been a bit MIA, work and life tends to get in my way sometimes, but I'm sure you all know what that is like. Onto my layout today, which is another pocket page layout using my March 2015 CKC. The photos are all from my 2014 Family reunion.
An old cardstock tag from my swapping days on the upper left photo and a chipboard tag on the upper right photo.

Small resin piece her along with some candy dots.

A random tag with a bit of chipboard and a title card on the left photo, the upper right slot has a filler card with a bit of old chipboard, and the lower right photo has some chipboard corners.

A paper embellishment with a resin embellishment and some candy dots.

I just used a word cut out on the left photo, cut way down and placed on a label sticker and then added a paper flower and a resin embellishment in the center. The top card on the right has 3 different fonts.

I used a chipboard journal spot with a paper embellishment.
Several stickers here.
I cut out the title on the right photo on my silhouette.
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