Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Scraproom Update--June 2016--Stamps

Hello friends!!

Today I am sharing how I store my Stamps.

I bought  a drawer unit from the container store and put it to the left of my desk, you can see the framework in this photo. I had my older stamp storage units to the right of my desk, they were the plastic bins from Walmart, there were two 3 draw units stacked on each other.

I had to move the entire desk down several inches to accommodate the new drawer unit. It has a white laminate top and that is where my smaller canvas scrap container will be stored since it is closest to my Big Shot.

Here is the unit with the wire mesh drawers in it. They are empty in this photo.

I don't think this photo given you a good idea about how deep these drawers are.

Here is my paper trimmer sitting in the drawer, it's made to cut 12 inch paper.

Here are all the plastic drawers with my stamp in them, I have them divided with cardstock dividers. Most of my stamps are from CTMH and come in plastic sleeves, I take the button off of them so more will fit in a drawer.

In this older storage system, my stamps had to sit at an angle to fit in the drawer.

In the new mesh basket drawers my stamp sit in with a little room on the side, I can actually fit in my other stamps (from different company's) on their side in Avery Elle pockets.

Each basket holds about 75 stamps in their original sleeves (without the buttons) and I still have room to flip through them.

I have a total of 5 baskets and you can see I have 3 full, the 4th is partially full and the 5th is empty.

Here's the 4th, it's only got a few stamps in it, so there is room to fit my embossing folders (in a basket of their own) in the back to hold the front stamps up.

I can even ope the drawers with plugs in the outlet.

Love the room to grow.

I even made new dividers out of chipboard, paper and I printed out labels out of scrap paper and stapled them onto the chipboard.

I have used the same labels on my stamp sets to organize them.

I made the dividers a little longer than the stamp sleeves.

Then just tucked them into the same space as the older dividers. I can still close the drawer but I prefer to have them in sideways just to see the labels.

Finally here is the mess and leftovers from organizing all of my stamps and dies.

I'll share the die storage later.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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